Remote Play update, MTG: Arena exits beta, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from, for Monday September 30th. Sorry I couldn’t be here yesterday, but I’m back and better than ever. Let’s get into the news from the weekend.

Valve adds some Remote Play compatibility

Valve has just put together some more compatitability with Remote Play. If you didn’t know, Steam has built-in support for streaming which allows you to process the game through your PC and send it to a TV, phone, or tablet. Well, they noticed that the games that were getting the most play times on phones were the ones that had default touch controls that didn’t need to be configured. So what they did was looked at the 100 most common Remote Play games, and automatically optimized for touch controls. This includes changing the the button layout if the gameplay changes, and making certain buttons larger depending on what is used the most. So there you go if you want to play something like Stardew Valley or Slay the Spire through Steam while you lay in bed, this gives you a way to do it.

Magic The Gathering: Arena exits beta

The famous trading card game Magic: The Gathering has had a troubled history through digital formats, and it wasn’t until MTG: Arena that people really started to pay attention. Well, it is now officially out of beta, which means you can play it entirely online for free. There are tutorials that will guide you through the rules, and then five free decks. From there, you can purchase packs just like you do in real life, with many of the same formats available. Not only that, but a lot of newer physical packs will come with a digital code that you can redeem through this as well, which is pretty cool.

New Apex Legends map coming out.
Minecraft announces “Nether Update”

Two games are getting major updates soon. The first is Apex Legends, which is going to enter its third season with a brand new map, called World’s Edge. It has an aesthetic of fire vs. ice, and will arrive alongside a new character next week. Also getting some new content is Minecraft, announcing the Nether update during this week’s Minecon. Obviously this will expand the things that can be done in the underworld, with two new biomes and a mob called the Piglin.

FIFA 20 launches with controversy

FIFA 20 came out last week, and not to a welcome fanbase. It turns out that the Career mode for the game had a lot of issues, so much so that #FixCareerMode was trending on Twitter. I think the general feeling is that as the focus turns to the online multiplayer where they make most of the money, attention has been taken away from the free singleplayer. This year there were a lot of bugs and outdated issues, so the community isn’t happy. In response, EA Sports made this super lengthy FAQ that was surprisngly open about their plans and feelings towards a lot of the issues. Obviously whether or not they follow through it up to them, but it seems like their priority is to fix the career.

That’s all the news for today, a big thanks to Paul for leaving me a 5-star Amazon review. I’ll be back tomorrow as scheduled and until then…Happy Gaming everyone!