RDR 2 PC release, WGA removes games from awards, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from thegamingobserver.com, for Monday October 7th. We’ve got 3 days of video game news to look at, so why don’t we jump right in, shall we?

Red Dead Redemption 2 launches on PC November 5th

Red Dead Redemption 2 will be arriving on PC next month, November 5th. On that day it will be available through their launcher, EGS, Greenman Gaming, and Humble, among others. Now they are doing some maneuvering here in order to incentivise purchases on the Rockstar Launcher. If you pre-order on that platform, you’ll get some in-game multiplayer bonuses, and you get two free games from a list; this includes GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, Bully, LA Noire, and Max Payne 3. Also, the game will not be available on Steam until December, so if you desperately want it there then you have to wait another month. They’re doing this because by using their own launcher, they basically get 95% of the sale, barring operation costs and other fees. The Epic Store isn’t so bad either, with an 88/12 profit share. So naturally since Steam is 70/30, they’re gonna hold off for a bit. And we kind of saw this coming when they announced their own launcher just a few weeks ago. Either way, this is exciting! I hope lots of you get the opportunity to now play this for the first time.

Writer’s Guild of America removes Games Writing from awards

The Writers Guild of America is no longer giving an award for games writing. They say that there wasn’t a meaningful amount of submissions to the category each year, and that it will be reinstated when that time comes. Now the reality is that pool was indeed limited for them, because writers were not eligible for nomination unless they were a member of WGA, which is a union. This super evident when y ou look at the 2017 awards nominations, which was won by Horizon Zero Dawn, fair enough, but also included an expansion pack to Dishonored 2, a mobile Futurama game, and Madden NFL 18. When you have selections like that, honestly I don’t blame them for pulling the award. Now, there have actually been multiple game writers who spoken out about this, from Shawn Kittelsen “The [award] was never more than a way for the WGA to build its membership among game writers, incentivizing us to pay dues in exchange for the privilege of being eligble.” So ultimately this doesn’t seem like a major loss on either side, but without that information it really does feels like a slight to the gaming industry.

Fortnite is using skill-based matchmaking instead of platform-based

Last week, Fortnite began to matchmake players from all platforms against each other, regardless of device and input. Instead, they used their algorithm to match people based on skill, so a really good mobile player could go up against some formidable PC players. There has been some push back from the community, but Epic has doubled down on it. Notably, there are pro players who are creating fresh accounts in order to dominate those who are less skilled at the game, which Epic has warned will get them banned. This is an interesting approach, but if they can make it work, I think it’s a really good idea. I’m terrible at video games, and would really love if I was playing multiplayer against other terrible players.

Humble Monthly is incredible right now!

Hey, for you PC players you should check out the latest Humble Monthly deal. For $12 American, you can get the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy, the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, AND Call of Duty: WWII. These are just the early unlocks, there’s also a few games that are hidden until the end of the month, which are usually games that aren’t popular but have some level of quality. I think this might be a contender for highest quality monthly ever, so definitely give it some thought.

That’s todays news. I’d like to give a big thanks to Anthony, Johnathan, Kayge, and Daniel all for leaving me 5-star reviews on Amazon. Thanks for sharing the love everyone, that really made my weekend. I’ll be back tomorrow as always and until then…Happy Gaming everyone!