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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from thegamingobserver.com and welcome back to listener interaction day, March 7th, 2020. We flipped the tables today, and I said let’s do this Q&A style, so thank you for submitting your questions, now let me answer them.

Alright so I did get a lot of questions here, so my apologies if I can’t get to yours, nonetheless let’s start off here with Jim who I did answer personally, but here it is on the show because it might be valuable to some of you, so here it is “I am considering purchasing Death Stranding on PC when that rolls around in a few months. What’s your verdict on the game, 6 months later?” What I told them was that I haven’t played Death Stranding, as I don’t have a Playstation, but that I know lot of people have loved this game. It won plenty of awards, it obviously looks beautiful, and it’s coming from a credited developer known as Hideo Kojima. That being said, the other thing I’ve heard is that you need to comfortable doing repetitive tasks for a long time. It’s one of those games that can get boring if you can’t get into that groove, but then if you do get through it, there’s a major shift in the middle of the game apparently like 60 hours in that makes it all worth it. Anyway, that’s just what I’ve heard, I’m sure many of the people listening have played it and know more than I do. Either way, it’s definitely worth at least reading some reviews and maybe watching some gameplay.

From Will, what video game developer has consistently put out quality content and what are your favouite IPs of theirs? I might actually turn this around on all of you someday, but for now, I think I have to go with Sony, honestly. In terms of mass-scale high quality games, that are very different from each other, I think they’re in a league of their own. Spiderman, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Ratchet and Clank, Dreams, Days Gone. All insanely well received games, with an absolute ton of momentum going into the next generation. At a smaller scale I definitely give big thumbs up to studios like From Software, who do Dark Souls, and Bloodborne, and Sekiro. At a more indie level I think that Supergiant is also really really good at maintaining their portfolio. So I dunno, there’s a few options there where I think you really can’t go wrong.

From NCIceman, what is it about a game that compels you to finish it? For him, it’s an immersive story with great mechanics. Personally, I would say that a well written narrative alongside a cohesive aesthetic or design will pull me through just about any game. If it looks good and it has good narrative, then I’m sold. However, if you miss one of things, like say an older game where the graphics are outdated, I have a much harder time. On the opposite side of things, if the core gameplay loop is incredible, I don’t care so much about anything else, which explains why I love roguelikes so much.

Alright from Ares, you are stuck in a bunker for 10 years and you could only take on game system and 5 games, what would they be? This was a hard question. I’m going to limit myself to consoles here, so I’ll go with the Nintendo Switch, I like the versatility. 10 years is an incredibly long time, so I’ll need something with a lot of variety. I’ll start with a roguelike, let’s say Enter the Gungeon. I’ll also throw in the upcoming Animal Crossing, because that’s a game that does well over longs periods. I’ll do Tetris, because I won’t even be good at that game by the end of the 10 years, let’s be real. Mario Kart has to be on that list, because I think I did play Mario Kart Wii for an incredibly long time, and it never got old. And then for good measure, we need an RPG, let’s call it Skyrim. I’ve only played through it once, I’m sure I have a few dozen more in me.

Folks, thank you very much for submitting your questions, I very much appreciate it, and once again apologies if I couldn’t get to yours, however I try to respond to as many as possible. I’ll be back tomorrow for the Sunday Variety Show, so until then, Happy Gaming everyone.