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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, and this is your Daily Gaming Update for July 2nd, 2019. I actually had time in my schedule to get this update out today, and hopefully the same goes for tomorrow, because it’s my birthday! Woohoo! for links and a transcript.

Updates from Sony and PS5

Sony hit the headlines today with some information about the PlayStation 5. There isn’t anything surprising here, but they are targeting the console to be a niche product aimed at hardcore gamers. This means a marketing focus on 8K resolution, and a large focus on AAA exclusives, as opposed to indies or smaller devs. They believe that people will buy it for these high-quality exclusives, instead of whats already available on other platforms. Which, with things like God of War and Spiderman selling so many consoles, you can’t blame them. On top of all that, SIE CEO Jim Ryan has said that they are looking into studio acquisitions, much like Microsoft and the Xbox Games Studios, which they believe to be their main competitor still.

Alan Wake publishing rights return to devs Remedy Entertainment

The publishing rights to cult favourite Alan Wake has now been shifted from Microsoft to the original developers, Remedy Entertainment. This happened alongside a 2.5 million euro one-time royalty income, which is going to be invested in developing new games. Their next game is called Control, which is coming out in August, and actually looks quite impressive. No word on why this shift happened, and who knows if it will eventually happen with Quantum Break as well.

Devs speak out against key-resellers G2A

Game developers have been speaking out against the online key reselling market, G2A. With the way the store works, they buy up game keys that can be activated on other platforms, and resell them for a profit. Well, what that means is that developers never see a cent of that income from their game being sold. Now on Twitter, there are many developers coming out, saying that if you can’t afford to buy their game full price, they would rather you pirate it than buy it on G2A. It started with Mike Rose, who made the game Descenders, but devs from Squid Games, Vlambeer, Mode 7, and Stray Bombay have echoed the statement. So there you go folks, go ahead and steal the game rather than use those shady sites. You’ll be better off for it anyway, that site tries to trap you into a lot more holes than you expect.

Focus Home Interactive fiscal year results

Games publisher Focus Home Interactive had their fiscal year results sent out. They have record revenue, with strong sales from Vampyr and Farming Simulator 19, which actually picked up 2 million sales on its own. Good for them, and hopefully they get a lot more great titles out there.

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