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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, for July 10th, 2019. thegamingobserver.com for links, @gaming_observer on Twitter.

Pokemon GO turns 3 – stats from Sensor Tower

Pokemon GO turned three years old over the weekend, isn’t that crazy? Of course they are celebrating with a bunch of new stuff, and we’ve got some stats here about how it’s performed since launch. In total, $2.6 billion in sales over three years, which outranks Candy Crush and Clash Royale in non-chinese markets. It’s still about half a billion away from Clash of Clans though. To this day the game continues to grow, with sales up from last year. I hope only the best for the future of the game, but I also look forward to the innovations that games like Minecraft Earth will bring.

Crusader Kings board game set for August 1

Paradox has given the new Crusader Kings board game an official release date of August 1st. Preorders are available now, it’s about $75, and they’re going to be previewing it at various cons before the retail launch. Fraser Brown of PC Gamer says that it’s not just a tight balance strategy game, but that there’s a big focus on narrative and creating stories. Of course the video game is a pretty healthy mixture of both, so I look forward to seeing how it translates.

Netflix announces “The Cuphead Show”. What!

Here’s a crazy one, Netflix has picked up yet another video game to bring to the screen, Cuphead! It’s going to be called “The Cuphead Show”, and it’ll obviously be the same 30s cartoon style that the game presents. We don’t know much more, but the amount gaming IPs heading to Netflix is definitely unexpected – I mean, we’ve got Magic: The Gathering, The Witcher, Castlevania. I love to see this.

Nintendo shifts some Switch production to Vietnam

Nintendo has moved some of their Switch production over to Vietnam, in order to decrease its reliance on China to craft it for them. The shift will happen this summer, and it’s motivated by the increasing tensions between China and the United States, which might be leading to higher tariffs. They’ve released a joint statement alongside Microsoft and Sony to try and stop game console tariffs, but thus far there is no public response to it.

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