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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, and this is your Daily Gaming Update for June 8th, 2019. For links and a transcript for today’s stories, be sure to visit on physical vs. digital sales revealed some pretty interesting statistics about physical vs digital sales in Europe. Apparently the shift is ocurring rapidly, with the biggest game changer coming from the Nordic region, where 66% of AAA console games are now digital. The UK is in second with 56%. Italy is the most physical friendly, where 33% of sales are digital. Despite the rapid change, physical games are still the dominant market, with 52% being sold in Q1 of this year. It’s interesting to hear that it’s pretty much a split right now, and we’ll see how fast that change happens, if at all.

Satisfactory sells 500,000 copies

Coffee Stain Studios, subsidiary to THQ Nordic, has revealed that Satisfactory sold 500,000 copies on the Epic Games Store. This is their best launch of all time, so they’re very happy right now. Pair this with the fact that it’s currently in Early Access, AND it’s the type of game that thrives with longevity, and I think they’re going to be happy with investing in the game. This marks situation #2 where devs have been happy to be on the Epic Games Store, followed by Ubisoft. That being said, THQ Nordic also avoided talking about how Metro Exodus sold. So on that front, things are still in the air.

Unreal Engine Learning Portal overhauled

Speaking of Epic, if you are interested in learning how to make video games, you should check out the Unreal Engine. They just overhauled the online learning portal, which offers useful information and lessons about how to develop games. You can check out the blog post for full details, but there’s no better time than now to pick up a new skill.

Ok while that’s pretty much all for today, we have lots coming up, obviously, with E3. So here is my schedule and how you can get content from me in the next 5 days. For every E3 conference, got to and you’ll be able to watch it with me live, where I’ll be provding my insight. If you can’t make it, I’ll also post the VoD on Youtube, and I’ll be producing a Gaming Observer Radio for each day of E3, so you can get the full recap in a shorter amount of time if you don’t want to watch the full conference. Additionally, I just debuted a new series called Critical Consensus, with the first video currently on YouTube and podcasts. On this show I provide different insights from various reviews on new game releases. I’m hoping it will help you decide whether or not to purchase new games. So be sure to check all of that out and come say hi to me on Twitch.

That’s the news for today. Thank you so so much for tuning in, and thanks to Brandon for supporting the show through Patreon. My name is Adrian Simple, see you tomorrow, and Happy Gaming everyone!

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