Paradox Q4/FY financials, Witcher 3 gets cross-saves, more

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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from and welcome back to your daily gaming update for Wednesday, February 19th. Today was pretty slow on news but we’ve still got stuff to talk about here, so let’s get started.

Paradox Interactive reports on Q4 and FY financial results

Paradox Interactive is in a very good position right now. The company just concluded their Q4 and full year financial results, and the numbers are good. Full year revenues are up 13% to $131 million, with profit before tax up 3% at $47 million. Monthly active users are also at over 4 million, which is a record for the company. And besides the fact that they’ve got lots of money and players, CEO Ebba Ljungerud said that 2019 was a preperation year for 2020. In that time period they released two games, Age of Wonders: Planetfall and Imperator: Rome, and of course a bunch of DLC. They also invested a lot into game development as well marketing. So if they are doing this well in a prep year, I’m excited to see how the next one will turn out, because they’ve got some major releases coming. Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 is on the way, which will probably sell very well on the marketing alone. They’ve also got Crusader Kings III coming, which is supposed to be a lot more accessible to new players, but of course they’re going to play the long-game on that one. And finally Empire of Sin from Romero Games is coming in the fall, which probably won’t be a huge release, but could potentially be one if the game is really good. It’s also worth noting that these days, gaming is all about ecosystems. Obviously you see Xbox is headstrong about that, but Paradox is doing it as well. They’ve got lots of games, that are supported for a long time, available on lots of platforms. If they execute on that successfully, they’re going to be the winners of the next eras of gaming.

Stadia now available on more phones, notably Samsung Galaxy

It looks like Google Stadia is now available on many new types of phones. From what I can tell, I think Stadia was only available on Pixel phones previously. But it is now available on a bunch of Samsung Galaxy phones, the Razer phone, as well as the ASUS ROG Phone. Support for that will begin later this week.

The Witcher 3 gets cross-saves on Switch and PC

Here’s an interesting one. The Witcher 3 now has cross-saves with the Nintendo Switch. What this means is that if you started the game on PC, and now want to play it on your Switch, you don’t have to start the whole game over again, you can just copy the save file over to the console. I thought this was a pretty handy feature considering some of you may want to take The Witcher with you on the go, but don’t want to start that whole process over again. More games need this feature.

Nintendo Direct arrives on Thursday for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There is a Nintendo Direct coming your way on Thursday, and it is all about the new Animal Crossing game. If there’s anything super important from it I’ll cover it on the show, but if you’re planning on buying the game or you like franchise, I’d reccomend tuning in to that show yourself. That’ll be on Nintendo’s YouTube, and should be about 25 minutes long.

Alright folks, thank you very much for tuning in, it really means a lot to me. And tomorrow I’m going once again covering the news, as I always am. And by the way, you’re listening to this show every day, let me know if you have any feedback. I’d love to get your input on what you’d like to hear more or less of. Anyway until tomorrow… Happy Gaming everyone.

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