Outer Worlds reviews, Long Dark episode 3, Fortnite tumbling?, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from thegamingobserver.com, for Wednesday October 23rd. Today’s show will be a fun one, let’s get into it.

Superdata report for September 2019. Fortnite tumbling?

Superdata released their revenue report for the month of September, and there’s some interesting stories to come out of it. Fortnite income is down 43% month-over-month, making it the worst month for the game since November 2017. This was reflected in the top 10 charts, where it went from 6th to 9th on PC, and 1st to 7th on console. Of course we might see this jump right back up with the whole Chapter 2 thing, but if they dipping that significantly, I wonder if they can keep up the momentum. Borderlands 3 was noted as especially strong, selling an estimated 3.3 million units, which puts it at #2 on PC and #3 on console. Lastly, the mobile game Fate/Grand Order, which has always performed very well, got an 88% increase thanks to a surge in China. Overall, mobile games contributed 59% of the global gaming market’s digital revenues.

The Outer Worlds review embargo lifts

The embargo for The Outer Worlds has officially lifted, and we’ve got the reviews pouring in. This is of course the newest open world RPG Obsidian, who developed Fallout New Vegas. The reviews are very positive, but most of them are saying that its very convential. Smaller in scope compared to other open world games, but lots of satire, charm, and a clear vision. Many of the reviews have some minor complaints, they aren’t letting this one become the next Breath of the Wild, but certainly people are happy with it. It releases October 25th, and of course I always recommend that you wait a couple of days before you purchase it. If you do end up doing so, let me know you think.

The Long Dark releases Episode 3

The Long Dark has now released the long awaited Episode 3 for their story mode. If you own the game you’ll find that you need to update it in order to play, and if you haven’t played it in a long time, you might want to check out the first two episodes again. They were reworked at the beginning of this year, so it’s a different experience now, and likely the next few episodes should be a little faster this time around because they’re done with that. Super great survival game if you’ve never played it before, The Long Dark, it’s 50% on Steam right now, give it a look.

The Sims 4 expansion announced: Discover University

The Sims 4 announced their newest expansion called Discover University. It heads to PC and Mac next month, and to consoles in December. This one is of course all about being a student, so you have dorm rooms, bikes, posters, mini-fridges, lectures, homework, and all that jazz. Basically my life right now. You can study many topics, including biology, computer science, and even villainy. Excuse my tangent here but I just played Sims 4 a while back with my partner Shelby, and we got extraordinarily lucky on our first family and just won the lottery immediately. We were amazed and basically played the rest of that game in a giant mansion doing anything we wanted. Anyway, Sims 4, student life, awesome stuff.

That’s the news for today. Folks I will be back tomorrow, as I am every day, and until then…Happy Gaming everyone.