No Man’s Sky update, Mike Morhaime starts new company, more

SEPTEMBER 24, 2020

Daily Gaming Update


New hefty No Man’s Sky update

The latest and perhaps biggest update for No Man’s Sky is called “Origins,” and it is now available.

Hello Games called it “Origins” because its their attempt at giving the game a fresh start. If you look at the patch notes, the list of new content is gargantuan, with a focus on planet and exploration variety. They’ve also changed how they generate new planets, without interfering with the ones that have already been established.

Considering how many major updates the game has had over the last four years, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into if you’ve never tried it out. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re looking for a game where you can chill out, explore space, and run around some funky planets, then No Man’s Sky is your game. Personally I got a little overwhelmed at the start, but once I found the rhythm of the game it was quite enjoyable.

Looking forward, Hello Games is currently working on their next major game, which they understandably are not sharing many details about. I imagine that they’ll keep the ball rolling on NMS as well.

Mike Morhaime forms Dreamhaven

Yet again, we have the announcement of a new company being formed. This time, it’s created by Blizzard co-founder and former CEO Mike Morhaime. The company is called Dreamhaven, which will function as a parent company and publisher for two new development studios — Moonshot and Secret Door.

Morhaime left Blizzard early 2019, during a period of time where many other Blizzard veterans were doing the same. After debating what many of them wanted to do post-Blizzard, they ultimately decided to make Dreamhaven together. Moonshot and Secret Door are led by a number of former producers and directors of Blizzard games, and will be given a lot of creative autonomy:

“The company is still in its early days and is not yet ready to announce any specific projects. But all five of its members that I spoke to described the vision behind the company in similar terms: Dreamhaven wants to provide support and freedom for its developers to be bold and experimental, with more of a focus on creativity than on rapidly turning massive profits.”

— Rebekah Valentine,

There’s a lot of talent at this studio, and I’ll be interested to see what they can put out with someone like Morhaime at the helm.

Rocket League now free to play

Here’s another reminder that Rocket League is now officially free-to-play. If you claim it on the Epic Games Store (its new PC home) before October 23rd, then you’ll get a $10 coupon that you can use on anything in the store. They’re likely doing this to pull people away from Steam, where the game has been established since it launched.

Rocket League is great fun if you like soccer and/or flying vehicles. I’ve spent over 200 hours in the game, and now that they’re doing a soft re-launch I think I’ll be checking it out again.

Fall Guys breaks more records

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According to data analytics firm Superdata, Fall Guys has become the highest-earning digital launch of any PC title since Overwatch. Its debut in August apparently brought in $185 million in revenue, and 8.2 million users.

Keeping in mind that Superdata is a trusted external company, this is really cool! We knew the game did extremely well on PlayStation thanks to it being given away for free, and it looks like that gave them some momentum for the PC release as well.