Nintendo Switch stock low, Stadia Pro free for two months, more!

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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here and welcome back to The Gaming Observer. It is Thursday April 9th, and today didn’t have any major events, but we’ve got some things to take a look at here.

Nintendo is low on stock, but there’s a high demand!

The Nintendo Switch is a hot ticket item right now, with hardware being sold out worldwide. They’ve made some promises that stock is coming in soon, but apparently they are really feeling the pressure, because some people are just buying Xbox and Playstation in place of the Switch. According to, there’s a few reasons for the scarcity, both related to COVID. First of all, people are in lockdown, so families are more likely to want the console, meaning stock goes out faster. However, Nintendo is having issues resupplying that because the consoles are mostly made in China, where manufacturing has show down like crazy. Interesingly there is stock of the Switch Lite, but people don’t want that, because the demand is for something to play on the TV with kids. Of course with the Lite being fully portable, that’s not possible. As with any shortages, people have been trying to make a profit off of it, buying out all of the various stores’ inventory, so hopefully that will get remedied soon and they will not succeed.

Google Stadia Pro is free for everyone for 2 months

Google Stadia is now offering full access to its service for free for the next 2 months. That means anybody, including you, can sign up for Google Stadia right now and play it through the Pro Subscription. And in fact I did this myself earlier today, I was literally just playing Destiny 2 in a chrome browser, it was weird. Anyway, with access to the Pro subscription you get 9 games you can play, notably Destiny, Grid, SteamWorld Dig 2, SteamWorld Quest, the Serious Sam Collection, and the only Stadia exclusive Gylt. And yeah, it actually is super easy to use as long as you’ve got good internet. You boot up Stadia, and you start playing the game, basically no friction there. So if you wanted to try it but not pay for it, this is your chance, and if not well, I don’t know if I’d blame you.

Embracer Group raises $164 million for acquisitions

Embracer Group has just gotten another $164 million dollars for investments and acquisitions. At this point this is par for the course for them, they are interested in snatching up as many people as possible, its a really unique strategy. And you know this company can be pretty confusing so let me break it down for you. The company was first called THQ Nordic, which owned multiple development studios. One of those devs was another company called THQ Nordic, so that’s why they are now called Embracer, just to stop the confusion. Now, at this point, Embracer has 5 direct subsidiaries of its company, THQ Nordic like I said, Koch Media, Coffee Stain Studios, Amplifier Game Invest, and Saber Interactive. In the case of Saber, it’s just one studio, which by the way was acquired for half a billion dollars. But all the other branches also have subsidiaries of their own. So they’ve got Warhorse, Tarsier, Volition, Bugbear, Gunfire, lots and lots of studios. And if you don’t know those names, I don’t blame you, but you probably know the games that they’ve made. So if you’re wondering how this company is responsible for owning so many companies, its because the companies they own are looking for more companies to own. It’s an interesting cycle, but it means that a ton of games are being output by that company.

Hey folks, before we wrap it up here I just wanted to do a bit of housekeeping, because I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it recently. I’m sure you know of it by now, but I produce another show called the TGO After-Show, which is intended to be heard immediately following this one. If you want to enable that show, all you have to do is open the Alexa app, go to the Flash Briefings setting, and it should automatically be there for you to enable. So you don’t have to search for it on the Amazon store or anything like that, you just have to hit one button. I’ve also had people asking me where to get access to the TGO Discord server, its super easy, go to your browser and type in With that said, I’d like to thank you very much for joining me here today. Our final day of news for the week is tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to that, so until then…Happy Gaming Everyone!