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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, for July 11th, 2019. for links, @gaming_observer on Twitter.

Nintendo Switch Lite announced — portable only

A new console from Nintendo has finally been revealed, the Nintendo Switch Lite. This is a smaller handheld-only console, and it’s coming out on September 20th. It’s also going to be about $100 cheaper, so a $200 American price point, but that comes at the cost of a smaller screen, no detachable joycons, and no kickstand. That being said, the directional buttons have been replaced with a d-pad, and it will have a longer battery life. Essentially it’s been optimized for people who are only using this thing for portable playing, and don’t need it hooked up to a TV. No bundles have yet been announced with the console, however Link’s Awakening is releasing on the same day as this console, so there might be something there. Even more likely would be something with the new Pokemon games, I would imagine.

Amazon Game Studios announces Lord of the Rings-based F2P MMO in development

Amazon Game Studios has officially announced that it is co-developing a new free-to-play MMO based on the Lord of the Rings trilogy with Athlon Games. The project began “in light of the resurgance of interest in the…IP”, which is assumed to reference Amazon’s LotR television series arriving next year. Interestingly, this studio is also working on an original MMO called New World, and that team will be supporting Athlon with this new title. Release date is unknown, but one would assume they are targeting something in conjuction with the TV show.

Monolith Soft open new studio in Tokyo

Monolith Soft, a company who supported the development of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is reaping their rewards by opening a new studio in Tokyo, Japan. It’s current studio is based in Kyoto, which has been helping out Nintendo since 2011. With additional work on Splatoon 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, they doubled their profits in the last fiscal year. So of course, I’m sure you can predict great things from the Zelda sequel that they are currently hiring for.
A SEGA published strategy and action game called SolSeraph released, and it looks like people aren’t so happy with it. They were really excited for it as the spiritual successor to SNES classic ActRaiser. Instead, people are criticising the gameplay and balance. Definitely take a look if you’re familiar with the genre, but make sure you watch lots of gameplay first.

Game release: SolSeraph

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