Nintendo Switch Lite, Epic exclusivity deals, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from, for Monday September 23rd. I can’t believe its the 23rd! This month went by so fast. Nonethless, let’s get into the news from this weekend.

Nintendo Switch Lite released

The Nintendo Switch Lite officially released on Friday, and people have had good things to say about it. This is a new version of the Switch that is a little smaller, its portable only, and is $200. And you know its always risky when you release a new version of a console like Nintendo loves to do, but this time around it worked for them. Its reviewed well from the publications and in the overall community, I would say. People feel like its a very comfortable handheld, and I know there were a lot of people who never even docked their Switch into a TV so I’m sure they’ll be happy to see something like this. Now technically Nintendo has supported the 3DS in their statements, but this really feels like the next step of that series of consoles. While the 3DS is still a great entry handheld for a lot of people, I don’t see them making the next iteration of it until the Switch Lite has been around for a while.

Epic Games paid €9.5 million for exclusivity of Control

For the first time we have an insight into just how much money is being given for Epic exclusivity deals. So for PC exclusivity of Control, published by 505 Games, Epic paid 9.5 million Euros. This is actually a significant payout, because the budget for the game was between 20 and 30 million Euros, which means that at worst they were paid back a third of their budget before they even released the game. The rest of their profit is going to come from actual PC sales of the game, which is also an 88/12 split instead of a 70/30, AND sales on consoles where there is no exclusivity. And listen, we’ve known that Epic is being generous with these deals, but this really puts a lot of it into perspective. You can’t blame AAA studios for trying to save money here, because it’s not just a little bit, its a lot. And of course indie studios are in a constant fear of being shut down if their game doesn’t perform well enough, so while they aren’t being given 9 million Euros, they’re probably being given enough to feel secure. Lastly, all of this is topped by the fact that devs are happy with how the games have sold on the platform as well, so it’s not like Epic’s money is being thrown in the bin.

Batman might make a return, WB Montreal teases

Normally I don’t report on rumours but I think this is significant enough to talk about. Batman celebrated its 80th anniversary over the weekend, and there have been some interesting developments from that. First of all, Fortnite is doing a Batman crossover, which I think is pretty cool. They’ve got Gotham City in there, a grappling hook, a batarang. The other thing that happened though is that the developers of Arkham Origins, Warner Bros Montreal, tweeted for the first time in 4 years. In that tweet was a video of the bat signal, and then a bunch of symbols. Really it looked like a teaser for a new game. So while Rocksteady is done with the franchise, we might still be getting some more in the future. I’ll let you know how it plays out.

Afterparty gets release date of October 29th

Ok and just super quick, the release date for Afterparty has been confirmed as October 29th. You should definitely have your eyes on this one, it’s from the developers of Oxenfree, which is an insanely good game. You can expect a fantastic narrative and great visuals. It comes out on Playstation, Xbox Game Pass, and the Epic Store.

That’s all the news for today, a huge thanks to Rowdy and Rk for their 5-star reviews on Amazon. I’ll be back tomorrow as scheduled and until then…Happy Gaming everyone!