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I just wanted to quickly clarify a comment I made yesterday about Mortal Kombat 11. I recommended holding off on purchasing it in the same breath that I talked about the people criticizing it. I got an email from a listener confused about my stance, and I just wanted to say that it’s the microtransactions you should be paying mind to, and not the very silly people that are blaming SJWs for ruining the series. Apologies for that, and now on to the news.

Nintendo fiscal year financials

Okay so there is a ton of new information from Nintendo today because their just released their financials from the last fiscal year. They did very well for themselves, earning $10 billion in revenue, which is a 13% increase year-on-year. Most of it came from game sales with the two biggest reeleases being Super Smash Bros: Ultimate and the Pokemon Let’s Go games. In terms of Switch sales they were JUST shy of their forecasted 17 million units sold, which is a 12% increase year-on-year. They have no plans to reveal any hardware news in the near future, so don’t expect a new Switch version at E3. Their year ahead looks quite amazing, we’ve got the VR kit coming, Super Mario Maker 2 on June 28th, Fire Emblem: Three Houses in July. As well, Pokemon Sword and Shield, an Animal Crossing game, and Link’s Awakening will all be coming some time in 2019.

Microsoft Q3 financials

I’ll quickly touch on Microsoft here, who just released their Q3 financials. Game revenue was dominated by software sales, mostly from third-party games and subscription services. Xbox console sales fell by 33%, so we can see where their money is coming from here. Video games representing 2 out of the $30 billion dollars of revenue that the entire company brought in.

Respawn CEO on crunch and Apex Legends

The CEO of Respawn Entertainment, Vince Zampella, has commented on Apex Legends and how frequently they are updating the game. Essentially, he says that the always planned for new content to be on a season-by-season release schedule, because they wanted to respect the developers working on the game. He indirectly talks about the crunch recently revealed at Epic Games and Fortnite, and says that he doesn’t want to overwork the team, nor drop the quality of their work. So there you go, a company that is actually treating their workers fairly, and producing an awesome game at that, assuming he’s telling the truth of course.

Game release: Days Gone

Releasing today is a PS4 exclusive called Days Gone. Critics are pretty average about this one, with most saying that it is a perfectly generic open-world survival game that you would see from a AAA developer. No major innovations or outstanding mechanics.

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