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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, for Tuesday July 23rd, 2019. for links and a transcript.

Nintendo faces class action lawsuit against Joy-Con “drifting”

A class action lawsuit is currently being prepared against Nintendo because of the issues with the Switch’s Joy-Con thumbstick drift. The plaintiff is a man named Ryan Diaz, who had many of these controllers affected, and his law firm is calling on US Switch owners to join the lawsuit with him. If you don’t know, this term “drifting” is when the thumbstick will detect movement even if it’s not being moved at all. So your character will be moving across the screen even though you’re not even touching the controller. A lot of people are having this issue, in fact, and the outrage has finally culminated into a legal issue. The law firm claims that these defects have never been addressed, which means that their business practices are “unfair, deceptive and/or fradulent.” For a lawyer’s perspective on this, Richard Hoeg has a couple of things to say, be sure to check him out @HoegLaw on Twitter. He mentions that the suit has some flaws, and it will be difficult to make their case. At the same time, the plaintiff is in California, which is a state that is more consumer friendly than most. He also says that Nintendo does have to worry about it, because it would be bad publicity for them, and holidays are coming up. Nonetheless, it will probably be settled soon.

EMEAA charts put GTA V at #1 for the week ending July 14th

Ok, you ready for your mind to be blown? So, we have sales data available for physical and some digital games across Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Australia, it’s known as the EMEAA charts. The Top 10 best-selling games by units for the week ending July 14th were released, and #1 is Grand Theft Auto V. 6 years this game has existing, and 6 years later it is still selling better than any other game in a given week. Now, you could attribute this to something unique for the week, like a sale, but the truth is that GTA V has usually been in the top 10 ever since it released, and often in the #1 spot. This game continues to make a boat load of money for Rockstar in unit sales, even forgetting the online portion of the game, which I’m sure is significantly more valuable to them. Other games in the charts are what you would expect based on the last few weeks, Crash Team Racing, Super Mario Maker 2, and F1 2019.

Rami Ismail and Brendan Greene on online toxicity

There was this really interview between Rami Ismail of Vlambeer and PUBG creator Brendan Greene. They talked about online toxicity, and the hate that they receive as developers. Brendan mentioned that stuff would happen like internal test maps being leaked, and the community going into an outrage for ruining the game, when it wasn’t even a final product. That was pretty bad for morale. Rami provides the indie developer equivalent, saying that he was once annonymously sent a picture of his own front door. Someone tracked down his house and basically threatened him. Its insane. I wanted to talk about this to remind you that there are people behind the games you play, and they love video games just as much as you do. We should all do our best to share in our passion, instead of fight those who bring us joy. And that’s your daily dose of happiness from Adrian.

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