Niantic settles lawsuit, Pokemon Go sales up big, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, for Friday September 6th, 2019. You know the drill, for links and transcript. I hope you’re getting pumped for the weekend, but for now lets talk about some video games.

Niantic settles lawsuit from 2016. Pokemon Go revenue highest since launch

Niantic has settled a class action lawsuit which began in 2016, surrounding the game Pokemon Go!. If you’re unfamilar, Pokemon Go! has various locations blotted on a real-world map that players are encouraged to visit. By going to those places, they gain rewards. Well, some people who lived near those locations started to become upset by the swath of people who would hang around, thus prompting the lawsuit. Niantic admits no wrongdoing, but they did settle, and a rolling out some new policies for the game. The biggest one being that is a Poke Stop is lovated within 40 meters of a residence, the owner will be able to fill out a form to request its removal. For public locations, like parks, there will be some new functioning where you won’t be able to reap rewards outside of the park’s public hours. And speaking of Pokemon Go, we’ve got some more data here from Sensor Tower basically saying that the app has had its best month in three years. Basically an in-game event at the end of July really encouraged players to spend money through August, which generated around $110 million worldwide. This was a 44% increase year over year, a 76% increase month-over-month, and the fourth highest earning month of all time.

EVE Online implementing “grief counselling”

EVE Online is incredibly famous for being incredibly difficult. 600,000 players tried it for the first time last year, and only 10 percent stuck around for longer than a week. So the developers are going to try and massage that issue out. One facet of that will be quote-unquote grief counselling, for when the player loses their first ship. Because of how hard the game is to understand, they found that a lot of players had no idea why they died in the first place. So now, when they lose everything, a real-life moderator will message the player to help them understand the situation and possibly even reimburse them. This may sound a little soft, but what they’re trying to do is get the player to their “aha” moment, where they figure out what makes the game so great, and make them lifelong fans.

Hi-Rez reveals Rogue Company

Hi-Rez Studios, who are hte people behind Paladins, Realm Royale, and Smite, have announced a new PvP shooter called Rogue Company. Now they’re not the ones developing it, it’ll actually be by a company called First Watch Games. We don’t know much but it’s not a battle royale, and seems like it’ll be more class-based. Nonetheless it comes to the Epic Games Store in 2020, and will have full crossplay with Xbox One, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. No word on pricing just yet, but it definitely gives off a free-to-play vibe, and obviously that’s right in Hi-Rez’ wheelhouse.

EGS freebies: The End is Nigh and Abzu

And then very quickly, this weeks EGS freebies are The End is Nigh and Abzu. I know both are excellent games, though I haven’t gotten around to The End is Nigh just yet. Go pick them up for $0, it’s definitely worth it.

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