New Pokemon Snap announced, Steam Games Festival, more

JUNE 18, 2020

Daily Gaming Update


How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here and welcome back to the Gaming Observer for Thursday, June 18th. We’ve got some very fun things to talk about today, so please allow me to give you the headlines here, we’re going to kick things off with Pokemon.

My friends after 20 years, we officially have a return to Pokemon Snap. The official title is “New Pokemon Snap,” developed by Bandai Namco, and functionally it looks just like the first game. Of course you’ve got all the new generations in this game though, and it looks thoroughly modern. So that’s arriving on the Nintendo Switch, no release date just yet, but they said it is coming soon. I know a lot of you will be happy about that one, there was some more Pokemon news today that was perhaps less thrilling. They announced a phone app called Pokemon Smile to help kids brush their teeth. They also announced Pokemon Cafe Mix, which is a free to play puzzle game where you run a cafe, and it’s got a super cute art style. That’ll be on mobile and on the Switch. And finally, Pokemon Go is going to be getting mega evolutions this year, which I guess people have been waiting for for a while. We’re going to get even more Pokemon next week Wednesday, which they have said is their next “big project.” I don’t know if that means bigger than Pokemon Snap or if they’re just those words for marketing purposes, but feel free to check that out on the 24th.

Hey, if you’re looking for some free games to play over the next week or so, you should head over to the Steam homepage where they are currently running the Steam Game Festival, Summer Edition. They have demos available to over 900 games, most of them indie, but there are some notable ones in there. The one that stands out to me is the newest game from Obsidian, called Grounded, which is literally just Honey I Shrunk Kids in game format. They’ve also got Desperados III, The Survivalists, which is from the developers of the Escapists, and also some games that were shown off in those game events from last weekend, like Haven and Ghostrunner. Anyway, all of that is available until June 22nd, and they are also running a bunch of developer livestreams, so you can get some insight into the various games as well.

You know, with the next generation of consoles coming up, one of the big talking points has been that of loading screens. Now if you have custom-built PC with an SSD, you probably haven’t had to think about loading screens all that much, but they are still a pretty prominent thing in current gen consoles. So the hope is that in the next generation, with the SSDs that are being put in, that won’t be such an issue anymore. And certainly, they are marketing it as such. What is hitting the headlines today is that the Horizon sequel, Forbidden West, is going to be a game that has virtually no loading screens. Whether its fast travelling, restarting from a checkpoint, or booting the game, they are saying that it’s going to be barely any time at all to make those things happen. We will definitely see if they are true to their word, but if they are, its certainly interesting to imagine a world where you never have to worry about a loading screen in a video game. If that’s our future, I’m all in.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has officially sold 3 million copies of its game, and 1.5 million units of DLC. If you don’t know this is a really interesting game where you play the son of a blacksmith in the Holy Roman Empire in the early 1400s. It’s elevator pitch though is that it is super detail oriented, some would say realistic. Quests can be achieved in any way that you want, every skill you can think of needs to be trained, you have to eat and sleep, and sometimes even do your laundry because if your clothes get dirty then you won’t have the respect of the nobility. Anyway, the game is having a free weekend to celebrate until June 22nd on Steam, so you can try out it out if you’re interested, it’s also available through the Xbox Game Pass. That’s Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Alright folks that’s going to do it for today, thank you so much for joining me.