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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, for July 16th, 2019. for links, @gaming_observer on Twitter.

UK retail charts, week ending July 13, 2019

In the UK retail charts for the week ending July 13th, things are actually pretty similar to the week before. Super Mario Maker 2, Crash Team Racing and F1 2019 all took the top 3 spots once again. Dragon Quest Builders 2 debuted at #5, and the only other new release was a Switch and PS4 port for Hollow Knight, debuting at #34. It was a quiet week in games retail though, one would only have to sell 2500 copies of their game to make it to the top ten in the UK.

Overwatch and Apex Legends anti-cheat measures

Cheaters are in the news today, with multiple games taking new actions against them. From Overwatch, they are making plans to automatically end the match when a cheater is detected. The system will act in a way that not everyone is punished except the person cheating, though. The people over at Apex Legends though are taking a different approach, where they will place them into cheating-only lobbys, so they all have to face each other. Two different ways of trying to conquer the beast, so we’ll see how it ends up panning out.

Kickstarter video game stats for H1 2019

Some interesting stats came out about Kickstarter, and how video games are doing in the first half of 2019. Overall, it’s been the most lucrative half-year since 2015, with $10 million raised overall, across 193 successful campaigns. The top 4 projects were the adult themed Subverse at $2.1 million, Firmament at $1.4 million, R-Type Final 2 at $900,000, and Monster Prom 2 at $600,000. Interestingly, Subverse had almost 8% of their backers from China, which is a pretty significant number when it comes to Kickstarter.

Devotion devs say re-release not coming soon

Back in February, the Taiwanese developers Red Candle Games had taken down their horror game Devotion because of some issues with the Chinese government. Essentially, there was a depiction of Winnie the Pooh in the game, which is a banned reference in China as it is often used as a replacement to make fun of the president. Thanks to some contract issues, the game had to be removed from the store, and now they’ve released a statement about its status. They shared on Twitter that they will not be re-releasing Devotion in the near term, but that they still have plans to do so. They’re probably going to have to go through a lot of legal and people work before they get there.

Blender gets $1.2 million grant from Epic

One of the first recipients of the Epic MegaGrants program has been rewarded. It’s Blender, the 3D art and asset creation software, and they’re receiving a $1.2 million grant which will be put towards project organization efforts, which they hope results in more people from the gaming industry using the product.

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