NBA2K20 slot machines, Chucklefish controversy, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, for Monday September 2nd, 2019. for links and a transcript. Today is a day of controversies, which have seemed to spark over the last week, let’s take a look.

NBA 2K20 has literal slot machines, still rated PEGI 3

A trailer for NBA 2K20 was released, and it caused quite the ruckus because of the prolific amount of casino-style mechanics that were featured. It had a graphical depiction of both a slot machine, a wheel of fortune minigame, and of course their lootboxes. So what people noticed after seeing this is that the game is rated as PEGI 3, which means that it is suitable for all age groups. Well, any game with the gambling tag must be PEGI 12 and above. Turns out that you can only apply the gambling tag if it’s teaching you how to gable, “Using this sort of mechanic…is not the same as teaching how to gamble for money in a casino. These differences currently prevent us from applying the gambling descriptor. But we are very aware that it may get too close for comfort for some people, and that is part of an internal discussion that PEGI is having for the moment.” So basically because you can’t directly purchase for more uses of the slot machine, you just earn it in a different way, it’s not gambling. Of course this seems absolutely ludicrous, it’s still a predatory process that shouldn’t be inflicted on children. We’ll see what comes of this, but I hope some changes are made.

Chucklefish accused of not paying developers

A few game developers have recently spoken out against development studio Chucklefish for not paying them any money for their work on Starbound in 2016. Damon Reece on Twitter said that they worked hundreds of hours and was never paid, despite the studio making a ton of money from the game. Some others backed up his claim. Chucklefish has responded, “During [development], community contributors were under no obligation to create content, work to deadlines or put in any particular number of hours…It’s been almost a decade…and from then Chucklefish has grown considerably into an indie studio that has a strong emphasis on good working practices.” The rebuttal there is that people did sign contracts, and they did walk away with millions of dollars of the backs of hard working individuals who earned nothing. While legally it may have been fine, morally it’s just disgusting.

Folks I was considering doing a segment on the swath of sexual harrassment allegations that were made against some game developers over the last week, but unfortunately I don’t think I can give it the care and attention it deserves right now. Nonetheless I want it to be known that I fully support the victims who have come forth. Thank you for your bravery.

Borderlands 2 VR headed to PC

Ok I don’t want the show to be entirely negative, so let’s talk about something fun, like Borderlands. Well, the VR version of the game which was previously exclusive to the Playstation is now on its way to PC. It’ll be optimized for movement and it’ll even have some unique abilities in there to maximize the awesomeness of the platform. One day I will have a VR headset and I cannot wait to have this as part of the lineup.

Ok that is going to be all for today, sorry it was such a downer but I think a lot of that is important to talk about. Thank you so much for tuning in, I’ll be back tomorrow with the news, and until then, Happy Gaming everyone!