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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from, for Wednesday October 3rd. We’ve got lots to get into here today, so let’s jump right in.

More info on companies taking advantage of the UK video game tax relief

A while back I talked about how Rockstar was taking advantage of some tax reliefs in the UK that were meant for smaller companies, well it turns out they’re not the only ones. It’s called the Video Games Tax Reflief, VGTR, and there are actually quite a few multinational companies taking advantage of it. The US-based WarnerMedia, who owns Rocksteady, has claimed up to 60 million pounds in tax relief. Sony and Sega are in the tens of millions as well. Now its important to note that VGTR was originally created with the small to medium sized developer in mind, and that were distinctly and culturally British. Because of this, its been met with criticism. One researcher said the VGTR has “become a cash cow for large, tax-dodging multinational corporations who are milking the system to extract hundreds of millions of pounds in subsidies.” Now the CEO of the company who spearheaded this relief has refuted this, saying that the UK games industry is booming thanks to large companies benefitting from it. Journalist Christopher Dring is echoing this statement, saying “It’s worth remembering the state of UK games development 10 years ago, when big companies were exiting the UK and investing in other markets.” and “[It] was to put the UK on an even playing field with other countries.” Personally, I’m no expert so I can’t comment, but I tend to push against the idea that major corporations should be avoiding taxes so easily.

Playstation seem to have changed their stance on cross-play

There’s a lot of news going around right now that Playstation has taken a new stance on cross-play. Now I don’t want you to take this as fully confirmed, but in a Wired interview with SIE CEO Jim Ryan they mentioned that the console now supports full cross play for any studios that choose to take advantage of it. Apparently they won’t be announcing this explicity, but it seems to line up with some of the other moves they are making. Games like Modern Warfare are coming out with full cross-play, and there are seeds planting in games like PUBG, so we’ll see how it progresses. And by the way, yesterday I talked about their streaming service, Playstation Now. Well what I neglected to mention is that everything in their catalogue is also available on PC, all you need is a Dualshock controller. That means that you can stream a ton of Playstation exclusives on your PC, including God of War until January.

Super Mario Maker 2 now lets you play with your friends online!

Super Mario Maker 2 has a new update allowing you to finally play online with your friends. There is also new play options for nearby players as well as LAN connections. This is funny because it was just last Saturday we were talking about the lack of action from Nintendo on this game, so there you go! I’m sure many will be happy to see this.

Mario Kart Tour is killing it right now!

In more Nintendo news, Mario Kart Tour on mobile is killing it right now. First week downloads hit 90 million, which is way higher than anything they’ve ever had before. Second place was Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which only got 14 million downloads, so that’s a 530% difference. 7-day revenue puts them at third place, so still pretty good.

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