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How is it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, and this is your Weekend Gaming Update for February 25th, 2019. Head over to for links and a transcript of today’s report.

Microsoft employees protesting contract with U.S Army

In November, Microsoft won a bid of $479 million dollars to produce an Integrated Visual Augmentation System for the United States Army. They planned on using the HoloLens, their augmented reality headset, to make it happen. The objective of this is to quote, “rapidly develop, test, and manufacture a single platform that soldiers can use to fight, rehearse, and train that provides increased lethality, mobility, and situational awareness.” endquote. Well, a group of Microsoft employees are not happy with this decision, and have coalesced to form the group Microsoft Workers 4 Good. They have published an open letter to CEO Satya Nadella and President Brad Smith, demanding the contract to be cancelled. Their opening paragraph is very powerful, quote “…we refuse to create technology for warfare and oppression. We are alarmed that Microsoft is working to provide weapons technology to the U.S. Military, helping one country’s government “increase lethality” using tools we built. We did not sign up to develop weapons, and we demand a say in how out work is used.” endquote. Many employees have since signed this letter, and on a more personal note, I hope that they succeed in their goals.

Shanghai Dragons (Overwatch League) pick up first win ever

The Shanghai Dragons from Overwatch League has scored their first ever win this past weekend. In the last season, they ended up losing all 40 of their matches in the inaugural year of the league. They then fired 8 out of their 11 players, and 2 coaches. Well, the most recent season just started up again, and after losing their first two games, they picked up a win. If you watch the clip of this it’s actually quite heartwarming, and the excitement in the building is kinda the reason I love eSports so much, I wish I had the time to watch it more.

Metro Exodus on Steam being review bombed with positive reviews

Around all the controversy with Metro Exodus comes a nugget of positivity. Previously, people had been review bombing the first two Metro games because of Exodus going to the Epic Games Store. Well now, people are review bombing the Exodus page on Steam, except with positive reviews. This act if quite tongue-in-cheek though, because the comments that people are leaving in those reviews are taking stabs at the publisher’s decisions. This is the community trying to say “hey, you’ve got an amazing game here, why did you have to screw it all up.” Regardless of where you sit on the conflict, I’m sure you can agree that this is a great way of getting your message across, as opposed to many other options.

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