Microsoft Flight Sim, new storefront news, more!

JULY 31, 2020

Daily Gaming Update

How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here and welcome back to The Gaming Observer for Friday, July 31st. We are going to end off your week today on a high note, talking about some video games. Let’s make it happen!
Alright let’s start things off here with Microsoft Flight Simulator. I wanted to talk about this today because some kind of previews are happening with journalists right now and they’ve been writing about the game in such a positive light. I mean I’ll just read out Eurogamer’s headline here, “Microsoft Flight Simulator is a once-in-a-generation wow moment.” Everything I’ve seen of this game is that it is absolutely beautiful, and you really can just travel the whole world that’s been generated through real data and machine learning. Anyway I just wanted to put this on your radar because even if you’re not able to play the game, you should take a look at the footage and what technology is able to do these days. I will say it’s coming out on PC first, both Steam and the Xbox Game Pass, on August 18th, and it’ll probably take a pretty beefy computer to get the best of it. However it will be coming to the Xbox One at some point, so definitely keep an ear out for that. Also for those of you with virtual reality headsets, a VR mode will be a free update down the line, which is very exciting. That’ll start with HP’s new headset the Reverb G2, and then rolling out for other headsets down the line.
The developers People Can Fly have just announced that they are working on a new action-adventure game for next generation consoles. There’s no details for it other than the fact that it will be lead by their New York studio, with support from the newly formed Montreal studio. If you don’t know, People Can Fly is a really unique studio — a long time ago they got acquired by Epic Games, helped them make Gears of War, and then went independent again in Bungie-like fashion. They are now most well known for the Bulletstorm games, and they have their newest game coming up later this year called Outriders. Published by Square Enix, it’s a third person sci-fi shooter that has caught people’s interest over the past few months.
Valve has made an update to Steam making it harder to exploit the storefront to buy games for cheaper by using VPNs. Basically some people were pretending to be in a different region of the world in order to buy a game for cheaper than it was in their region. So now, you can only purchase a game with a payment method from that region, which would mean you’d need some kind of bank account or credit card or something like that from that country. This change probably won’t mean much for any of you, but figured I’d throw it out there, because hey its in the news.
The Epic Games Store is beginning to implement an achievements system into their games. It’s in early stages right now, but some games may start rewarding you with achievements as you unlock them. It’s not fleshed out at all right now though. They are very slowly adding features to the storefront which people have felt is lacking ever since it launched, and still on their roadmap are things like mod supporting, gifting games, and some more social features.
Hey folks, just a heads up that there is an email scam that’s going around claiming to offer beta access to Cyberpunk 2077. Not only is this not from CD Projekt, but they also aren’t running a beta for the game in the first place, so be sure not to open those up. I guess so many of them are going around that the official Twitter account had to say something.