Mailbag: What game can you replay over and over?

JULY 12, 2020

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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here and welcome back to The Gaming Observer for Mailbag Sunday. July 12th. Thanks for your patience in my absence yesterday, let’s get in to the show.

Alright so this is the mailbag question for today: what is a game that you can play over and over and never got bored of, and why? Folks I had a lot of responses to this one in our Discord server, thank you so much for participating, I won’t be able to get to everyone’s answer. But definitely go check out what everyone said, I had a great time reading them all. One of the common responses that we got in there was actually the games that are meant to be played frequently. One of them that jumped out was the sports games, right, dmm1000 mentioned that they are still playing NHL 94, originally released on the Sega Genesis. They felt like it’s the best sports game ever made, that its got these great mechanics that have stood the test of time, apparently the game even has a prominent online community. Kieran also mentioned that any year of FIFA is constantly replayable because it’s easy to just jump right in without too much thought. Rocket League was another good example, both EvergreenKing and Ginsterf mentioned those. And you know, I have to agree. Sports games bring an element of replayability that is almost unmatched, especially if you’re into the real sport. It’s the gamer way of experiencing them without actually having to get off our butts.

There’s other multiplayer games that are good for that as well. SoulFire said Call of Duty, Himiko Toga said Team Fortress 2, Jarla mentioned ARK, Cooper said Overwatch. And I think we can all understand why someone might be attracted to playing those games potentially for hundreds of hours. The answers that I found most interesting though were these singleplayer games that you wouldn’t initially think has a whole lot replayability. The one that really got me came from kermitad Orc, who has completed the game Fable 3 over 100 times. They didn’t really explain why, but I find that to be such an interesting glimpse of life, where someone is able to play a game like that to such an extent. Another one came from Jax, who mentioned that he constantly plays Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks, which was this linear 3D action fighter, not your typical Mortal Kombat. And he said “hey, you always discover soemthing new, there’s lots of secrets, and you can play with a bunch of different characters.” And you know, I’ve played that game, and I probably wouldn’t be able to do a bunch of playthroughs of it, but that really goes to show how one game or another can really connect with someone, like Fable or like a Mortal Kombat spinoff.

And that brings me to another reason why people will replay games, and that’s for the emotional reasons. That can be as simple as nostalgia, right, Colby here mentioned how he loves to replay Mafia 2 because it was one of the first games he played, the aesthetic connects with him, and it’s nostalgia trip. I’m sure we all have a game that is like that, mine is Super Mario World. Zach mentioned that he plays the Sims because “there’s just something therapeutic about creating another version of myself and living however I want at that particular moment.” Crimson also said this was the case with Journey. They said its a short game, so easy to replay, but when they’re feeling sad or overwhelmed, it’s just a good game to refresh and chill out. And I’ve gotta say, if you’re listening and you don’t have a chillout game, find one, because it’s always so helpful to have. For me its The Binding Of Isaac, which I know a lot of you might find surprising, but that game is basically muscle memory at this point, and I’ve been playing for close to a decade. It’s my way to relax into something that is familiar, which I find helpful when navigating the unfamiliar world that we live in.
Anyway folks, that’ll wrap us up for today thank you so much for participating in that. Again I’m sorry if I couldn’t get to yours, I do try my best I promise. If you would like to hear my answer to the question, make sure you enable the TGO After-Show, which you can easily find in the flash briefings section of the Alexa app, you don’t have to do any searching it’ll just be there ready to be enabled automatically. Thank you so much for joining me, I’ll be back tomorrow with the news, and until then…Happy Gaming everyone.