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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here for mailbag Sunday, June 6th, 2020. For today, I decided to ask all of you about your gaming environments, and how it influences what you play, and how you play them. We got a whole lot of really interesting answers here, thank you for submitting them, so here we go.

Alright this one here is from Author, and I thought this was funny “I have my entire set up balancing on the breakfast bar in my kitchen. We only have 2 working ethernet ports due to an error made by the company that built our house.” So because his computer doesn’t have wifi capabilities, he has to run the ethernet cable around the house. Well turns out this is a tripping hazard, and his “demon of a little brother likes to use this as an excuse to accidentally trip over the cord and purposefully goes and unplugs it.” You can never be safe with little siblings around can you?

Something that a lot of people talked about was their audio setup. Burny mentioned that he has a soundbar, a subwoofer, and a headset depending on the time of day or type of game that he plays. Similarly, Azim has recently upgraded his audio, bringing it from a setup from the 90s to room-filling surround sound. He said “I didn’t realize how much I was missing in my life without having a system playing quality music. Play games and cooking in this new environment has been amazing.” Though he said for his birthday his roommates bought him some Bluetooth earbuds because he played it too loud at night. nciceman tries has his audio setup to be as comfortable as possible, because headphones can be a little irritating after a while. He also has something really cool though, which is a foot pedal in order to have push to talk. So instead having to sacrifice a keyboard button, he can just push his foot down, I thought that was an awesome idea.

Another way that we can interpret today’s question is not just in the hardware that is used, but also the people that you surround yourself with. Cooper mentioned that gaming has always been about positivity for them, and as a place of escape. They said recently they had to take a break from gaming because they were getting some negative vibes from their friends, who they played with. I totally agree with this, and I think its super smart to take breaks from things like gaming when you really need it. Crimson did this as well, and said something really important, I’m going to read it out for you here “I had to quit gaming for a long time because it just wasn’t very welcoming for a feminine and non-competitive person like me. I felt like I constantly had to prove something to others instead of picking games I like and having fun. I’m really glad I got back into it with a better attitude and now I surround myself with people that are more about having fun and fooling around than winning.” I think this is something that is applicable to everyone, where you should really prioritize the fun, instead of the toxicity, right?

And the last common theme that I found from everyones answers is that portable gaming is very popular. Anna Marie mentioned that due to an unusual health situation she can’t always sit up at a desk, so being able to have something like an iPad, Switch, 3DS, or Vita has been really handy. Crimson actually said something similar, where being able to lay down and play a AAA game on something like the Switch makes it their favourite console. Coach Jason has a cool setup, where he plays his games on his phone via the Steam Link, hooks up the phone onto a clip, and then lays back with a Dualshock, that’s awesome.

Anyway folks, that’ll do it for today I’m sorry if I couldn’t get to your answer here on the show. I really do try to include as many as possible, but I promise that if you submitted an answer, I definitely at least read it. My friends I’ll be back tomorrow with the news, very excited for that, so until then…Happy Gaming everyone.