Mailbag: SMM2 DLC, gaming memories, D&D


How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from, for Mailbag Saturday September 28th. To submit questions or comments of your own,

The first question is from DubstepDoge and he asks whether or not I think Super Mario Maker 2 will get any DLC. This is a pretty good question because the first game did get some updates that added content, but Nintendo has been pretty radio silent about the sequel up to this point. Most notably on the multiplayer. There is local co-op, but online co-op is relegated to playing with random people, you can’t play with your friends. They did confirm that it would come at some point, but they haven’t said anything in a while. To answer the question, personally I think they’ve gotta come out with the multiplayer option at some point, but I don’t really know about extra content. Obviously the game sold super well and they’ve got quite the community going with it, so I would hope that they’d add more for people to play with, but until then it’s really just a wait and see, isn’t it? Nintendo isn’t exactly predictable when it comes to this sort of thing. And by all means, they aren’t specifically known for adding content to games long-term.

Robert askss what my favourite gaming memory is with friends. His was sitting in front of a split screen TV playing N64 Goldeneye. Similarly to you Robert, my fondest memories with friends are also split-screen multiplayer. I’ve never really had large friend groups, so pretty much all of those memories are with my best friend Jordan, who I’ve known since I was 2. I had a ton of games on the original Xbox that we would always play together, stuff like Marvel Nemesis, Tony Hawk’s Underground 2. That was when we were younger though, my prime gaming days were in my preteens playing Call of Duty with him. We had a ton of fun in the various game modes that they had. Minecraft as well. There were times playing those games that I was laughing so hard that I felt like I was going to throw up. There’s so many memories there that maybe I’ll get to share another day. Nonetheless, I miss those times greatly. Him and I rarely ever get to play games together anymore, but every year we talk about doing something. The problem is I moved to PC while he’s still stuck on consoles, and I mean who has the time nowadays, right? We had a brief stint last Christmas of playing Dauntless because of the cross-play options, and again just so much fun doing that. I really really miss playing games with friends.

Last question here from David. He asked a few but they were related to my past experiences with games and I feel like I’ve answered a lot of those questions, so maybe I’ll get back to them in the future. For now, he also asks if I’ve ever played any Tabletop RPGs, like Dungeons & Dragons. Indeed I have, about 5 years ago I found an old Warhammer book from the 90s in my attic, and I was really fascinated with what I saw. So what I did was I bought the beginner set , and then eventually the trio of books, for D&D and started playing with my friends. We only got through maybe half a dozen sessions, unfortunately. After that I haven’t had much like with finding the time or the passion for DM’ing again, man was that ever a lot of work. Maybe one day I’ll return to it, I really want to, but for now my heart is just not in it.

Thanks for the questions everyone, to submityour own. I’ll be back tomorrow with who knows what, Sundays are a bit of a mess right now, and on Monday with the news. Until then…Happy Gaming everyone!