Mailbag Saturday – October 19, 2019


How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from, for Mailbag Saturday October 19th. To submit questions or comments of your own,

Today’s questions are coming in from Rowdy. First up he asks “What do you think of the progress the Nintendo Switch has made, compared to the Wii U?” He also says that its surreal to see how unsuccessful the Wii U was in comparison. I mean personally I think that the Switch is really exciting. This idea that people can now take AAA games anywhere they want is something that I think is actually quite important to the industry. And I think that’s part of the reason why it succeeded over the Wii U. Instead of streaming the game from a console, you can just take it wherever. Similar in concept, but way different in execution. On top of that is the obvious one, which marketing. People got really confused with the Wii U and how it was named, and it didn’t hit that mainstream appeal that the Wii did. Taking the concept, improving it, and rebranding into the Switch was the first step that they needed to make, because the Wii U was going nowhere. And I think the last piece of the puzzle there is a solid game lineup. Don’t get me wrong, the Wii U had some bangers, but the Switch came right out of the gate with Breath of the Wild. That put the console on the map, and it sold well right off the bat. But if they didn’t do much else, it was probably destined for the same fate. Instead, by Christmas 2018, the next year, they had Mario Odyssey, Smash Ultimate, Mario Kart, Pokemon Lets Go. Not to mention all the indie titles making its way onto a Nintendo console for the first time. I believe its because of the game lineup that we’re still talking about the Switch, and why it continues sell well. Christmas 2018 sold 9.4 million units, and the year before it was 7.2. I don’t think this year will be as good as 9.4, especially with the Switch Lite on the market, but Sword and Shield is coming around so who knows.

Rowdy also talks about Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. He says that the franchise has been all over the place, and now with the very noticeable change it feels like a different series with the same label. Is the change for the better? I think this can be answered in two parts. I think for the player its a really great thing. The more individual attention game gets, the better of an experience its going to be, right. You look at the games that release every single year and it always has very minimal improvements (understandably, it takes a lot to make a game). So letting the studios breathe, add quality content, and in the case of Odyssey some quality DLC, it’s a good thing. The real question is if Ubisoft finds it worth their time, and I think we won’t know that until the next game. I would hope that they saw an increase in sales over Odyssey’s lifespan, but if they didn’t, I don’t see why they wouldn’t go back to yearly releases. Rumour has it that the next game is a Viking setting, so that’s pretty exciting.

Ok thank you for the questions, to submit your own. I’ll be back tomorrow for the Sunday show, and until then…Happy Gaming everyone!