Mailbag: Bad luck in video games!

JUNE 27, 2020

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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here and welcome back to the Gaming Observer for mailbag Saturday, June 27th. I hope you’re excited, let’s get into it.

Alright, today’s mailbag question was the following: What is the funniest or must extreme time that you experienced bad luck in a video game? Cheers to NCIceman for suggesting the question, feel free to suggest your own in the feedback channel of the Discord server. We’re going to start off today with Brandon who was playing Borderlands 2 with his partner Cassie, shoutout to both of them, and they got to near the end of the game which had a bunch of enemies that were super condensed in one area. Well, they wanted to save some time and decided to book it through the level ignoring everyone on their path. Well this overwhelmed them eventually, but the problem was that they hit a checkpoint right in the middle of it all. No matter what they did they couldn’t escape the endless loop of respawning and dying over and over, because there was no saves available from before that area. So they had to restart the whole game. I’m sure that we can all empathize with that situation, save states aren’t always your friend in many games.

This one is from Typhon, who said that their worst luck in a game was when they played Elite Dangerous. They had this spaceship that was worth over 76 million credits, which I can imagine is a lot, as someone who doesn’t play that game. But they were flying around and ended up being attacked by a pirate, and they weren’t able to fend them off. Now in Elite Dangerous you are able to get insurance for your possessions, but in this case they weren’t able to afford it, so they lost everything. So now they purchase backup ships, so that if they lose their main ship, they have something in storage so the loss doesn’t feel so bad. I find stories like this one fascinating, you hear it a lot for games like this, especially for games like EVE Online. Anyway, thanks for sharing that.

This one is from long time listener Geoff, who shared a very funny story here. So when Metal Gear Solid 2 came out, he brought the game to a friend’s house to play and show it to him. Well I guess near the end of the game there is a fairly emotional moment in the story, and his friend’s wife happened to see it and began crying. I guess she “had no history with video games at all, and she thought it was real.” So they had to explain to her that it in fact wasn’t real, and they’ve been teasing her about it ever since. I know this wasn’t necessarily related to bad luck, but I thought it was cute because those are the kind of moments that you’ll never forget in your circle of friends.

Alright this one is from MandoEnforcer, and his story was all about how a simple demonstrating turned into chaos. If you know the game Left 4 Dead, there’s an achievement in it where you need to set a Witch on fire. Of course that game can get pretty hectic pretty fast, but Mando wanted to show his friend how to get the achievement without any difficulties. Long story short, they were close to getting off scot-free, but then his friend accidentally ran into the big boss of the level. Mando ends up incapacitated on the ground, with a burning witch standing over him that he wasn’t able to run away from, while his friend and the AI teammates are busy dealing the boss. Thankfully he survived, but as he puts “what was supposed to be an easy demonstration ended catastrophically bad, but it made for a funny story my buddy and I would remember.” And after all, isn’t that what multiplayer is all about?

Folks, that’s going to wrap us up for today thank you so much for joining me and submitting your answers. I’m sorry if I couldn’t get to yours, I only have so many minutes to work with, and I try to get new names on the show whenever possible. I’m going to be back tomorrow to tell you all about the Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom Remaster, which I got a review code for. So until next time, happy gaming everyone.