Links Awakening & Borderlands 3 sales, Google Play Pass, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from, for Tuesday September 24th. Now today has a lot to talk about and I want to give it some room to breathe, so today’s show will be 90 seconds longer than usual. This is something that I might test run over the course of this week as well, just to see how it plays out. Anyway, we’ve got lots of industry news to cover, let’s jump into it.

Link’s Awakening takes #1 in the UK charts

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening released on Friday, and it did very well for itself. First of all, it has reviewed extremely well. Critics are saying it’s a tremendous remake with quality of life improvements, and that’s its suited for new players and revisiting players. Nonetheless in the UK physical charts it has also done extremely well. It takes the Number 1 spot over Borderlands 3 which released the week before, making it the biggest launch for a 3D Zelda remake yet. This is also only the third time that Zelda has been #1 in the charts, with the last two times being Wind Waker in 03 and Ocarina of Time in 98. It’s also the fastest selling Switch game this year, beating Mario Maker 2. In fact a number of Switch games had an increase last week thanks to the launch of the Switch Lite, so games like Mario Kart, Smash Bros, and Mario Odyssey were being picked up more. Also in the top 10 was Gears 5, PES 2020, and the Division 2, which got a bump because of sales. It’s worth keeping in mind that these charts don’t include digital sales, so while it doesn’t give the full picture, it gives you an idea of how well these games are performing.

Borderlands 3 sells an insane amount

And speaking of games that sell a lot of copies, my oh my did Borderlands 3 ever do it. In an official press release, Take Two revealed that it sold more than 5 million units in its first five days, generating over $1 billion in revenue. This is 50% better than Borderlands 2. As for records, it is the fastest selling title in 2K history, and the highest-selling PC title. It’s also the most preorders they’ve ever had, and the most pre-orders that the Epic Games Store has ever had. So evidently, despite the game being received as more of the same, the hype was real on this one. Obviously it appeals to a large demographic, and they were really able to ride the marketing wave off the success of the previous game as well as Tales of the Borderlands. To be honest while I can totally see why the franchise is so popular, it kind of surprised me. I think Take Two is in a unique position where they’ve figured out how to really make games into these mega franchises. Borderlands, GTA, Red Dead, these were games that did very well, but not billions of dollars worth, but look where we are now. Now they’ve got other franchises waiting in the wings, I’m looking at XCOM, L.A Noire, Bully. Whose to say they won’t be the next billion dollar Take Two game.

Google announces Play Pass; counters Apple Arcade

Responding to Apple Arcade, Google has announced the Play Pass, launching this week. This is a $5/month subscription to 350 premium games and apps, no ads, no microtransactions. The differences here are that they are putting pre-existing apps into the service instead of new titles, so you’re gonna see game like Monument Valley, Stardew Valley, Terraria, LIMBO, Polytopia, etc. They’ve also got some regular apps in there to beef it up. It seems like a pretty good deal if you’re not someone who usually buys individual mobile apps, and they’ve actually got some incredible games in there, so check it out.

PUBG Mobile becomes first phone battle royale to hit $1 billion

Also in mobile news PUBG has become the first battle royale on phones to surpass $1 billion in revenue. This was thanks in large part to its re-release in China, where they launched it under the name Game for Peace. That being said even when China is taken out of the picture, revenue as more than double year over year. Overall, this puts them about $200 million in front of Knives Out, and $300 million in front of Fortnite.

That’s all the news for today, I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll be back tomorrow as scheduled and until then…Happy Gaming everyone!