Last of Us II delayed, Rogue Legacy 2, Apex updates, much more

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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here and welcome back to The Gaming Observer. It is Friday, April 3rd and I’m very excited to be talking about video games today. You know here in Toronto the weather is just perfect today, and for some reason I always get a little pickmeup when it isn’t cold anymore. Anyway, let’s talk news.

Iron Man VR and The Last of Us Part II delayed indefinitely. Sony setting up $100 million relief fund

First up are two game delays from Sony. The first is Iron Man VR, originally set for May 15th. But the second, which you probably care about more, is the Last of us Part II. It was also supposed to release in late May, after previously being delayed from late February. The good news is that the game is apparently done, they’re just getting rid of the final bugs. My guess for why they want to delay it though is that they probably want to support the game after it is released, and that’s much harder to do when everyone is working from home. So it is delayed indefinitely, and hopefully the wait won’t take too long. In other Sony news, they just committed to a $100 million relief fund, which is awesome to hear.

Rogue Legacy 2 announced

Here’s the newest game announcement, Rogue Legacy 2. I am super excited for this one. Back when roguelikes were really picking up as a genre, Rogue Legacy was one of the more popular ones. It’s a hack and slash platformer, but the gimmick is that every time you die, you become a descendant of that character. So it had this overarching levelling system which slowly get better over time, kind of like Dead Cells. So on your 22nd attempt at taking down the main castle, you’d have a much better shot at making it happen than the first time. This mechanic also helped introduce some variety in the combat, because ever descendant would have their own class and unique characteristics. Anyway, it was super fun game, and I’m very much looking forward to this sequel. It’s got a graphical update which I am all for, and the screenshots they’ve shown look wonderful.

Apex Legends permanently adds duos mode

Okay we’ve got some updates here about Apex Legends. First of all, they are adding a permanent duos mode. As far as I know this is the first game mode they’ve permanently added, so that’s cool. They are also adding in map rotation, so that you have a little bit more variety in your gameplay. Lastly, from April 7th to 21st they are running an in-game event called The Old Ways. This’ll bring in some extra content and some thematic elements added to the maps. Fun stuff.

Sea of Thieves heading to Steam

Sea of Thieves, the swashbuckling pirate multiplayer game, was previously exclusive to Xbox platforms, however it will soon be heading to Steam. A release date hasn’t yet been announced, but you can certainly wishlist it. As Eurogamer notes, they’ve been updating this consistently since it released 2 years ago, and I’ve heard a number of good things about it in recent months. So if you were one of the early adopters that was disappointed, it might be worth looking again.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service releases free to keep on Epic

We’ve got a new game launch on the Epic Games Store today, except while it would normally be a paid game, it is currently free to keep, which you can pick up until next Wednesday. This means that you can get a brand new game for free, before it becomes a paid thing to everyone else who missed out. The game is called Totally Reliable Delivery Service. It’s also available on consoles, and seems to be the perfect game for people who like co-op games such as Overcooked. Give it a look.

Alright thank you so much for tuning in, and also a huge thank you to BrewerP85 for leaving me a 5-star review on Amazon. I’ll be back tomorrow with the news as I am every Monday through Friday, and until then…Happy Gaming everyone.