Kongregate slowing down, game prices going up, more

JULY 3, 2020

Daily Gaming Update



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Popular flash games host Kongregate has announced that after July 22nd, they will no longer be accepting new games for their site. Flash Player has been slowly phased out over the last several years so we knew this was coming but it’s still sad to hear it officially announced. Kongregate has announced that all of their games will still be hosted for the time being but as more web browsers stop supporting Flash Player altogether, they may become more and more difficult to actually play. Efforts are being made to preserve these games in some form so hopefully folks will be able to play these fun, free games for years to come.

Another week, another set of free games on the Epic Games Store but this week, there’s only one game on offer, the puzzle game Hue. It’s described as a puzzle game where players change the background color of the world in order to solve puzzles. It supports a colorblind mode as well, so don’t let that stop you from trying out this free game. It looks like next week, we can look forward to three games as the store page shows that Killing Floor 2, Lifeless Planet, and The Escapists 2 will all be free starting July 9th.

2K Games announced details about their upcoming NBA2K21 including a special edition of the game featuring late NBA player Kobe Bryant on the cover. They also suggested a retail price for the standard game on next-gen consoles of 69.99 US dollars, a price hike of about 17% over the current standard of 59.99 US dollars. The 59.99 price point has been around for a couple of console generations now so perhaps the industry is seeing the console launch as an opportunity to raise prices on games. We cannot say for sure until more game prices are announced but it’s unlikely 2K Games is raising prices on their own. 

It was a slow news day in gaming today so this is perhaps a little tangential but it struck me as interesting so here it is. The creators of the HBO series Westworld have announced that they will be working with Amazon to create a TV series based on Fallout. While it’s still early in development and these projects can often stall, Amazon does have a series commitment penalty attached to the contract meaning that so long as the script is approved, that’s all that’s needed to head straight into full production, skipping the pilot episode phase entirely. It hasn’t been explicitly stated where the TV show would air but it seems likely the series will be exclusive to Amazon Prime Video.

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