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How is it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, and this is your Daily Gaming Update for April 15th, 2019. Head over to for links and a transcript of today’s report.

No micro-transactions for Jedi: Fallen Order. More info on Star Wars: Vader Immortal VR game

Star Wars was the big news item of the weekend. Probably the biggest piece of news to come out of it all is that Jedi: Fallen Order is going to be a single-player only game, with no microtransactions. EA has since promised that those things won’t be coming to the game at any time. A trailer was released that you are welcome to check out, though many people weren’t too impressed with it. It was also confirmed that it is coming out on November 15th, just in time for Christmas sales. On top of all that, the VR experience titled Vader Immortal was given a trailer, revealing that it is part 1 of a 3 episode series. This isn’t entirely a game, I think it’s more like an interactive movie, which should take between 45 and 60 minutes to complete. That is coming to the Oculus later this year.

The Borderlands trilogy gets a player boost

As the Borderlands 3 hype continues to build, it appears as though the former games in the series continue to succeed. Borderlands 2 has gotten a near 90% increase in average players over the last 30 days, with a peak of 59,000 concurrent players. The other two games are doing relatively well for themselves as well. The review bombing on these titles has died down for the most part, though that’s probably because whoever is doing it has seen how ineffective it is at this point.

Apple reportedly putting in $500m + for Apple Arcade

A report on has claimed that Apple is spending $500 million or more on Apple Arcade. They are trying to buy up a ton of streaming exclusives over their competitors, and they have an interesting mix of things like Sonic the Hedgehog and indie titles from devs such as Bossa Studios and Sumo Digital.

Sequel somewhat confirmed for Horizon Zero Dawn

Actor and voice actor Janina Gavankar has accidentally revealed that Horizon Zero Dawn is getting a sequel. This isn’t too much of a surprise, the first game sold over 10 million copies, but it’s interesting news nonetheless. There is speculation that this game will come out on the inevitable PlayStation 5 at some point in 2020.

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