Halo Infinite delayed, Series X release date, more

AUGUST 12, 2020

Daily Gaming Update


How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here and welcome back to The Gaming Observer for Wednesday, August the 12th. Folks we got some pretty big news stories to cover today. Let’s kick things off with Microsoft, shall we?

So the latest from Microsoft and 343 Industries, is that Halo Infinite is going to be delayed into 2021. Now this is a super interesting story on a few levels, because Halo Infinite was supposed to be a launch title for the Xbox Series X. In the same way that the first Halo was a launch title for the original Xbox, this was supposed to be the flagship game, the Microsoft game. So then your mind inevitably asks, why? According to some journalists, 343 was hit particularly hard by the pandemic. But they’ve also said that the game was in a rough spot already, because the creative director of the game had left mid-way through development, which obviously isn’t a great indicator. So they could have either pushed to release the game in a bad state this year, or potentially have a better game next year. I think they don’t want another Halo 5, especially for the first Halo game of the new generation, so maybe it just makes sense. Obviously we don’t know exactly what’s going back there though, all we know is that this will probably be a blow for launch sales on the new consoles. Speaking of which, I’ll just lump this story in here, it has been confirmed that the Series X is launching in the month of November. In the blog post that said that, they also emphasized the vast library of games that are available through backwards compatibility and the Xbox Game Pass, perhaps there to offset the sadness of a Halo Infinite delay.

Sadly, Halo isn’t the only game delay announced today, so too will Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2. It was originally scheduled for some time this year, and now it’s coming out some time next year. There’s much less to say about this one I think, people have been waiting a long time, I’m sure they can continue to wait.

Risk of Rain 2 has excited Early Access, entered version 1.0, and is now available for ~$20. Right now this is just for PC, but the consoles versions should come soon. Alongside the launch is a major content update, bringing a proper ending, a server browser, an intro cutscene, and then a bunch of new content, characters, stages, challenges, enemies. And if you look at the patch notes there’s just a ton of stuff they changed if you are a regular player of the game. If you don’t know, Risk Of Rain is a roguelike third person shooter. The first game was a 2D sidescroller, so it made quite the step up, but I’ve heard tons of good things about its time in Early Access. The 60,000 positive Steam reviews can tell you that as well.

I’ll tell you about two game updates you might care about. First is Minecraft Dungeons, which will be getting its second major update on September 8th. The free stuff will bring a new daily challenge mode, and a new merchant. And then there’s also an expansion called Creeping Winter, which brings a bunch of new missions. And the other game is the Last of Us Part II, which will be getting two new game modes. One is called Grounded, which made an appearance in the first game, it’s basically an immersive mode. And then they’re also bringing Permadeath to any difficulty, just in case you want that extra challenge.

And for our final story, I just wanted to remind you that Final Fantasy XIV is drastically expanding its free trial. It’s going to cover all content up to the end of the Heavensward expansion. The trial has no playtime restrictions. I think there is some content restrictions, but it’s not significant. People are calling this a major move for the game, and its apparently like 100 hours of free content, in the hopes that you’ll love it and want to purchase the latest expansions. So feel free to check that out.