Halo 3 hits PC on July 14th, Mafia Definitive Edition delayed, more

JULY 8, 2020

Daily Gaming Update

How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here and welcome back to The Gaming Observer for Wednesday, July 8th. Super happy to be here, thank you for having me, let’s kick the show off with Halo.
So you might remember that a number of Halo games have slowly been making its way to PC over the past few months, well the newest one on its way is Halo 3. That’ll be available on July 14th, next week, which of course is available in the all encompassing Master Chief Collection. The classic campaign mode will be available, 24 maps for the multiplayer, the forge, and the theatre both there as well. Before 2020 is over, we should see ODST and Halo 4 also both available on PC, and then the collection will be completely updated for that platform. Looking forward, the Halo train does not stop chugging, with more information of Halo Infinite on the horizon. Looking forward to it. And by the way, we need more things like the Master Chief Collection, it’s such a great idea.
The Definitive Edition and remake of the game Mafia, the first one, has been delayed. Of course Mafia 2 and 3 have both gotten some kind of makeover, to varying degrees of critical reception, and the first game was originally due for August 28th. Now it appears as though a lot of work is being put into this game, some of the development they showed off was pretty cool, so fingers crossed that it’s received better than the other two when it now comes on September 25th, one month later. 
Speaking of remasters and release dates, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning has now been given a release date of September 8th. That’ll be on Playstation, Xbox, and PC for around $40. And they are marketing that its not just a graphical update, but will also have “refined gameplay and all new content.” True to that promise, they have also announced an expansion for the game called Fatesworn, which will release some time in 2021, so that’s cool that they’re actually continuing development of the game. I know they had a lot of plans for this being a franchise when it first came out, and then none of that really materialized, so maybe that’s something that’s being revisited.
The latest game in the Test Drive franchise has just been announced, titled Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown. This is a racing game that hasn’t really been around for a while, but has had a number of titles to its name. I haven’t had a lot of experience with these games, but here’s how Rock Paper Shotgun describes it, “Test Drive Unlimited historically has a weird tone, which I think is…the fantasy of becoming a reckless playboy who lives a life of fast cars, island resorts, parties, and designer goods? The video game equivalent of rich people TikTok.” Anyway, the game is being made by the studio behind the WRC and V-Rally games. Not a tremendous amount of details on the game just yet, other than it exists.
Final story for today, if you head over to Humblebundle.com they’ve got a pretty good bundle going on right now that I wanted you to know about. It’s called the Summer Adventure Games bundle, and it’s particularly good if you haven’t played the Telltale games. So at the first tier, which is just $1, you get the first season of the Walking Dead, the second season of Batman, and a great indie game called Oxenfree. Then at the $10 tier you get Wolf Among Us, Walking Dead Season 2. And then the $20 tier is Batman Season and the rest of the Walking Dead seasons. Anyway, it’s a pretty good deal, and if you do decide to pick it up, feel free to use my affiliate link which you can find on thegamingobserver.com, its a free way to support the show.