Gaming disorder test, Minecraft: Story Mode being delisted, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, and this is your Daily Gaming Update for June 3rd, 2019. There wasn’t a ton of industry news today, so I’m going to be starting off with one, and then moving on to information about various games of all kinds. For links and a transcript for today’s stories, be sure to visit

WHO releases psych test for “gaming disorder”

Following the decision from the World Health Organization to officially classify gaming disorder as a disease, they have now released a psychological test. It is dubbed “Do I play too much video games”. The intent is for users to answer it honestly and see if they meet their criteria for having gaming disorder. Of course, their definition dictates a pattern of gaming behaviour which has had a signficant impairment in family life, education, or work performance for at least 12 months. I’m not sure about the legitimacy of this test, but by all means you’re welcome to check it out for yourself. Thanks to Eurogamer for making such a clear article about the situation.

Minecraft: Story Mode becomes undownloadable after June 25th

If you’ve ever bought Minecraft: Story Mode on any device, you should download it to your harddrive as soon as possible. The games are going to be deslited everywhere on June 25th, which means that you can’t download them even if you own them. This follows a series of Telltale games being taken off stores since they closed up, though I think this is the first time they’re being completely wiped out from existence.

Kerbal Space Program releases 2nd expansion, “Breaking Ground”

Kerbal Space Program just released their second expansion, “Breaking Ground”. It’s giving you a bunch of new things to do when you land on another planet, which is pretty cool. This is only their second expansion since the game came out 4 years ago, and the first one was apparently pretty good, so you should look forward to this if you’ve ever played it.

Celeste free DLC info, still no release date

We have some news about the upcoming Celeste free DLC. First of all, we now know that it’s going to provide 100 new levels on top of the game’s original 700. We also know that these are supposedly going to be “ultra hard” levels comparitelvely. Unfortuantely though, it seems like it is bigger in scope than they were originally anticipating, as they have missed every one of their original targets. So no release date yet, but fans of the game certainly have something to look forward to.

People Make Games (YT channel) on Wishworld

There is a channel you should watch on YouTube called “People Make Games”. It’s super cool stuff, and their most recent video talks about what Fable was going to be before they landed on that concept. Originally it was called Wishworld, and you should take a look at it, it was super ambitious, and it’s a great video.

That’s the news for today. Thank you so so much for tuning in. My name is Adrian Simple, see you tomorrow, and Happy Gaming everyone!

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