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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, for Tuesday August 20th, 2019. for links and a transcript. The first night of Gamescom was today, so we got lots to get into let’s jump right in.

Sony acquires Insomniac Games

Ok by far the biggest announcement today is that Sony has fully acquired Insomniac Games, of course most well known for Marvel’s Spiderman and the Ratchet & Clank series. I mean people have been talking about this one for decades so its awesome to finally see it happen. Obviously they’ve had a very strong professional relationship in the past, with a number of exclusives on Playstation. CEO of Insomniac, Ted Price, said that it feels less like an acquisition and more like a homcoming. So you expect some even more amazing things from that studio moving forward.

Lots of game news

There are tons of game announcements here which I will pile into one segment. Amplitutde Studios have announced their newest 4X strategy game Humankind, which they are calling their magnum opus. Kerbal Space Program 2 has been revealed, with the IP being acquired by Take-Two in 2017. It’s also being developed by a different studio called Star Theory Games. There’s another sequel in the works Little Nightmares 2, lots of people will look forward to that. You might remember Gears POP, the mobile game spinoff of the franchise, that’s coming next week free to play. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is getting cross-play through consoles, which is coming early October.

Google Stadia news

Google Stadia has pulled back some more of the curtain when it comes to games that will be available on the service. They’ve added Cyberpunk 2077, Watch Dogs Legion, Superhot, Windjammers 2, and the Destroy All Humans remake that THQ announced. Not only that, they premiered Orcs Must Die 3, which the devs had given up on until Google came around, apparently. I’m sure we’ll hear much more leading up to the November launch of Stadia.

Nvidia RTX ray-tracing news

Nvidia had a presentation showing off all the new games that will have ray-tracing for their new RTX graphics cards. The one that’s making the headlines is Minecraft, which is going to have official support through the game. This explains why they cancelled the Super Duper Graphics Pack, and to be honest the ray-tracing looks even better. Most of the other major franchises are also getting in on this – Call Of Duty, Cyberpunk, Vampire Bloodlines, Watch Dogs, etc.

Indies headed to Nintendo Switch

And lastly not only did Gamescom happen, but so did a Nintendo presentation. They are adding a crap ton of indie games to their portfolio, here’s a select few but I recommend checking out the full list: Superhot and Hotline Miami, which are both available right now. There’s also Risk of Rain 2, Blasphemous, Trine 4, and Ori and the Blind Forest which is really interesting because that is an Xbox Game Studios title, so that relationship is continuing.

Packed full of news today, but I will be back tomorrow to hopefully go more indepth some of those things a little more in depth. I want to thank you very much for tuning in, and until tomorrow, Happy Gaming everyone!

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