Games released July 20-27


How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer and it is Sunday July 28th, 2019. If you are unfamiliar, on Sundays I talk about all of the game releases of the past 7 days, and whether or not you should take a look at them. for a transcript.

So I talked about them the other day but really this week was dominated by two major releases on the 26th. The first one I’ll talk about here is Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The franchise has always been a handheld native, but with Nintendo moving a lot of their IPs to the Switch, Fire Emblem naturally followed suit. It’s received near universal acclaim, tons of positive ratings, a lot of people calling it perfectly balanced between past titles and new ideas. There has been a major crticism though, and that’s in the romance department. Apparently the game is really limited with its options, with a lot of disrespect towards non-straight protagonists. According to many it can be really insensitive, and in the case of women loving women options, there’s an argument that its focused more on titillation than representation. Nonetheless, reviewers are happy that the game was expanded on, and I’m sure we can look forward to more in the future.

The other big release came from Wolfenstein: Youngblood. For a series that has gotten a lot of praise since the reboot, this one didn’t really follow suit. Even the people who really loved Youngblood said it wasn’t as good as the others. That being said, it is considered a spinoff, so it didn’t have the expecations of one from the main series. The unique selling point on this one is that the game is meant to be played through with a friend as a co-op partner, which would obviously improve the experience greatly. The other consistent themes I’m seeing across reviews is that the level design is excellent, the narrative is less excellent, and the combat as expected.

A PC port of Beyond: Two Souls made its way to the Epic Games Store on the 22nd. This is the second installment of the David Cage games heading to PC. There are fans of this one, but people will certainly be more excited for Detroit: Become Human which should be coming in the fall . I haven’t seen a lot of fanfare from this, so we’ll see how it does. I reccomend you pick it up if you’ve played and liked the other games, including Heavy Rain, but if you haven’t you should definitely look at some reviews first.

There is another PS4 to PC port that you should know about, and it’s called Tetris Effect. Don’t get me wrong, if you hate Tetris then this is still probably not for you, but it has the best visuals that the game has ever had, and it’s gameplay is tied to music, so it’s more unique. There’s also a VR option which a lot of people love. Take a look.

Okay, that’s going to be all for today. Let me know if you like this format for the show, or if you think I should cover more games that have less attention, but will also get less time per game. @gaming_observer on Twitter or email me I’ll be back tomorrow with some more news, and until then, happy gaming everyone!

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