Game Releases: September 1-8, 2019


How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, for Sunday September 8th. for a transcript. We’ve got 4 game releases to look at today, and they’ve all been well reviewed! Let’s take a look.

Gears 5 has officially released the Ultimate Edition, though the regular edition won’t be available until September 10th. Developed by The Coalition, published by Xbox. The good news is that it doesn’t matter whether or not you are an existing fan of the series. If you like shooting things with massive explosions, the campaign continues to deliver. However, they’ve also added in some notable changes, for example in a few cases, they give you an open world to explore. The various reviews were on all sides of the scale for that one, so that’ll be a matter of preference. Besides the combat, another universal praise of the game was of the story, and more specifically the character development. Most reviewers thought it was top tier, so if you felt like that was missing from some of the other games, you’ve got your wish. They also loved the roboto companion named Jack, who can be upgraded throughout the campaign, or even controlled by a third friend who plays with co-op with you.

Here’s some DLC for Monster Hunter World, called Iceborne. This is a fully fledged expansion, so tons of content added to the game. The story picks up right where the main game left off, and there’s a ton of new monsters, which are apparently much harder than usual. There’s also some throwbacks to older games, and variants of existing monsters than are more than just a reskin. So it’s more Monster Hunter, the people who loved it will love this, essentially. It reviewed extremely well.

Ok there is a new roguelike here called Children of Morta which has been getting some attention, but hasn’t really hit the main news outelets. It was developed by Dead Mage, published by 11 Bit. I watched some gameplay and it looks pretty standard, but the pixel graphics are actually insanely good. The unique selling point on this one is that all the available characters are a part of a single family, and there are some mechanics around that. For example, if you use the same family member frequently, they begin to get sick in the dungeons, and are weakers as a result. Alternatively as a single character begins to level up, you can also unlock some passive upgrades for all family members. The reviewers are also commending the amount of worldbuilding and story baked into the game, so it’s seems like a solid allaround experience. If you’re a roguelike fan I would definitely take a look, if nothing else but for the visuals.

Lastly is the remastered release of Final Fantasy VIII, from Square Enix of course. There’s not much to say here, apparently the game is mostly as it was in its original release. Gameplay is the same, music is the same. It’s mostly a graphical and stability update. It’ll be perfect for people who want to replay the game, as well as for those who perhaps are wanting to play through the series.

Ok that is going to be all for today, thanks so much for tuning in. If you could, head over to my twitter @gaming_observer, I have a poll pinned to my profile asking you something that I’d love your feedback on. I’ll get into more details tomorrow. I’ll be back then with the news, and as always… Happy Gaming everyone!