Game Releases: August 18-25


How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, for Sunday August 25th, 2019. for a transcript. We’ve got a solid list of games to talk about that came out in the last week, lets take a look.

So the biggest full game release was Remnant: From The Ashes. Developed by Gunfire Games, published by Perfect World. And that’s actually pretty notable because Gunfire just got acquired by THQ Nordic. This one really snuck up on me, I didn’t hear many people talking about it, but it reviewed well. PC Gamer calls it a third person shooter with Division-like gunplay and Souls-like bosses. It’s also got a good focus on co-op and looting. I took a look at some gameplay, it’s quite visually appealing, some great environments there, and the combat keeps you on your toes. It’ll definitely appeal to those of you who are interested in these types of shooters, but ultimately you’ve probably seen a lot of it before.

We also got the latest game from Double Fine, Rad. This didn’t review as well as you would expect. Rad is a roguelike, and it has a very 80s neon aesthetic. It has this really unique mechanic where you gain radiation for killing enemies, essentially experience points, but as you become more radiated, you start to gain mutant powers. So instead of entering an item room to get something new, your body is slowly mutating over time. Sometimes you can grow wings, or a flaming skull, or you can use your arm as a boomerang. Nonetheless there are some people who loved this one, and others who had some harsh negatives associated. Something I saw a lot in the reviews was that its hard to play it for long periods of time. Give it a look if you’re interested, it certainly appears to be a fun experience.

Here’s a really interesting one, a game called Oninaki developed by Tokyo RPG Factory, published by Square Enix. The reviews on this one span the entire scale – from 9.5/10 to 4/10. This is a Japanese RPG about a group called the Watchers. In a world where death is embraced as a passing to an new life, the watchers help fascilitate the process. They also conquer those who have transformed into terrifying monsters called the Fallen. The 9/10s say its a refreshing take on the JRPG genre, praising the combat and story. The 4/10s say the game falls apart, and diminishes the combat and story. So really you need to take a look at this one yourself, and especially know how much you can put up with JRPGs.

We also had some miscellanious releases. For Metro Exodus there’s “The Two Colonels” DLC, which takes a much more linear approach to the game, like the first two in the series. There was also the fourth episode of Life Is Strange 2 released, it was well reviewed, the game will conclude in December. And lastly, the Yakuza Remastered Collection came out. Yakuza 3 is available now, 4 comes in October, and 5 next February.

Ok that is all for today. Another quick reminder that starting in two weeks, I will also be making Saturdays a special edition of the show, so expect something similar to Sundays. I’ll be back tomorrow with the news, and until then, Happy Gaming everyone!

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