Full Playstation event coverage!

JUNE 12, 2020

Daily Gaming Update


How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer and this is your daily news update for Friday, June 12th. Folks I am recording this show about 2 hours after the Playstation digital showcase, there is so much to talk about, so I’m going to do my best here today but I’m probably going to run a little longer than usual. I’m sure you’re about to hear something today that you will be interested in though. So let me give you the top stories.

First things first, they’ve shown off the PS5 console, and it’s definitely got a unique design that you probably were not expecting. And there are actually two versions of it, one with a CD drive and the other being all-digital. Despite appearances it will work horizontally and vertically, to be honest it kinda looks like that female robot from the movie WALL-E. No price tag or launch date just yet. Moving towards games, which was the bulk of the show, let’s start off with the console exlusives that you were probably expecting. First is the announcement of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. This is a sequel to the 2018 game from Insomniac, and obviously features Miles as the superhero, not Peter Parker, you probably saw him in the movie Into The Spider-Verse. That will be releasing during the holidays this year, no word on if it will be available on the PS4 though. Next we have the announcement of the newest Ratchet & Clank, called Rift Apart. The game looked absolutely gorgeous, and it uses a bunch of portals and warping throughout all of the gameplay. That’ll be a nice addition to the series. Next is the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, with the subtitle Forbidden West. The trailer was awesome, there’s a bunch more robot dinosaurs to look at, super exciting. The first game is coming to PC soon, so have an eye out for that. And I think the last major exclusive here is the announcement of a remaster that a lot of people have asked for, which is Demons Souls. It’s going to be handled by Bluepoint, the developers of Shadow of the Colussus. No release date yet, but the game looks real good.

Alright lets move on to some of the more general stories of games that you’ll recognize. First of all, my personal highlight of the show, is the announcement of Hitman 3. IO Interactive said that it will be the end of the current trilogy of Hitman titles, and it’s arriving on January 2021, so soon. If you care about the story you can see the trailer, but its nothing to write home about. Next up, Capcom announced Resident Evil 8: Village. This is a follow up to #7, and will take place in a snow-capped village. Apparently it has a greater focus on combat and exploration comparatively. That comes some time next year. And finally, GTA:V is indeed going to launch on the PS5 some time next year, and not only that, but a standalone version of GTA Online is going to be free for the first three months. Interesting decision there, maybe we can talk about that this weekend, but more importantly, how many other games can say they’ve had the staying power of spanning three generations of consoles? Very impressive.

And for the final segment today let me tell you about some games you may not have heard of or expected. First up, it looks like Little Big Planet is back, but in a different format. The game is called Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and indeed it looks like a regular platfomer, perhaps geared towards children. Next there’s an indie game called Kena: Bridge of Spirits which looked absolutely beautiful, which made sense because the team had a background in film. Anyway it’s very naturistic, it had some super cute fantasy forest creatures, honestly if there’s any hidden gem you want to see from this presentation, it’s this game. Again that K-E-N-A: Bridge of Spirits. Okay and there’s two more games I’ll tell you about. The first is called Bugsnax, which is very cartoonish, almost like Veggie Tales, and its from the developers of Octodad, which was a very fun game. That comes late r this year. And then finally I want you to know about the game Little Devil Inside. This also had cartoony vibes but it was much more realistic. It gave me vibes of that show Over the Garden Wall, not in animation but in environments. The commercial itself was also very Wes Anderson-esque in pacing. Anyway it was super intriguing I want you to check it out.

And on that note folks, we’re going to call it a day. There was much more shown on the presentation, but these were definitely the highlights. If you want to see trailers or just get more information on anything I mentioned today, all the links will be available on thegamingobserver.com. I’m sure you know what to expect from most of them, but in particular I want you to find the hidden gems that I mentioned, which were Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Bugsnax, and Little Devil Inside. Not only that but I have booted up my Youtube channel once again, that’s Youtube.com/thegamingobserver, where I show video of everything that I talk about for every daily update. That’s going to be all for today folks, I’ll be back in the aftershow to talk some more about this event, probably back this weekend with even more analysis, and then even more news on Monday. Until next time…Happy gaming everyone.