Full Playstation event coverage

SEPTEMBER 17, 2020

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Full Playstation Event Coverage

Sony held their biggest Playstation 5 event so far, with major news announcements across the board. (NOTE: Sony retroactively corrected some information from this event after its initial broadcast. My apologies if anything in this email is inaccurate by the time it is sent out.)

Price Point and Release Date

Most importantly, the Playstation 5 is going to cost $500 USD (the same as the Series X), with the All-Digital Edition priced at $400. No, a disc drive does not cost them $100, but they’re evidently tightening the margins in order to compete with Microsoft’s $300 Series S. The console will launch on November 12th in North America, Australia, Korea, and Japan — November 19th everywhere else. Preorders will be open today (or soon).

Final Fantasy XVI Announced

The majority of the event was dedicated to new game announcements. They kicked it off with the announcement of Final Fantasy 16. The trailer shows that it will be returning to its medieval roots, after taking a more modern approach with 13 and 15. It’s being developed by Creative Business Unit III, which is led by Naoki Yoshida (responsible for 11 and 14). FF 16 will be a Playstation exclusive, with a PC release. No release date yet, so expect it to be a few more years.

Hogwarts Legacy Announced

Hogwarts Legacy is the long awaited Harry Potter RPG that people have been clamoring for ever since it got leaked a while ago. It will be an open-world adventure game set in the 1800s, where the player lives the life of a Hogwarts student. It’s being developed by Avalanche Studios (Just Cause, Mad Max), on behalf of WB’s Portkey Games, and it will release for most consoles in 2021. Feel free to watch the trailer if you’re interested in the story bits.

Other Announcements

While those were the major announcements, here are some other details that might interest you:

More footage for Spider-Man: Miles Morales. People seem happy with the content that was shown off. It will be a Playstation 5 launch title, it will also launch on the PS4, and it will cost $50 USD.

Proper gameplay was shown for the Demon’s Souls remake. It will be a Playstation 5 launch title, as a full PS5 exclusive.

A teaser for the next God Of War was shown off. The only thing we know is that it arrives in 2021.

The “Playstation Plus Collection” bundles PS4 exclusives to play for free on the PS5. It includes games like God of War, Uncharted 4, and TLOU Remastered, but will also include some third-party partner games. Feel free to see the full list of 18 games. This looks like a counter to the Xbox Game Pass, albeit weaker.

Devil May Cry 5 is getting a “Special Edition” for the PS5.

They also showed more for Call of Duty: Cold War, Resident Evil Village and Deathloop, if you really want to sink your teeth into those. Not much we haven’t seen before though.