French court vs. Valve, Total War: Troy announced, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from, for Friday September 20th. It’s finally the weekend which means even more time to play some video games, let’s talk about it.

French court says Valve needs to let people resell digital games

A consumer interest group based out of France, the Federal Union of Consumers, has been chasing down Valve for quite a few years now. They have a lot of issues with the Steam Subscriber Agreement, and one of those issues just got escalated to the French government. Essentially they are wanting users of the platform to be able to resell their digital games. They see it as anti-consumer that players are unable to. This falls in line with EU laws that anything sold within the EU must be able to be resold without permission from the person who originally sold it. There are a number of other things they take issue with, such as keeping wallet funds even if someone leaves the platform. There are 14 violated clauses in total. A lot of very interesting discussion spawns out of this, for example; if Valve loses this fight, will all other games publishers have to follow suit? Also, would it really be Valve that takes the hit on this one, or the people who make the video games? What about other industries that sell digital goods? I don’t have the time to explore all those questions, but keep them in mind, because situations like this are absolutely not as simple as they first seem.

Total War: Troy announced

Sega has announced a new entry in the Total War series, and it’s called Total War: Troy. This is of course based on the Homer story of the Trojan war between Troy and Greece. It is launching on PC in 2020, and it’s actually the first game in the series to be developed in Creative Assembly’s studio in Bulgaria, so a different team on this one. You’ll see many of the revered heroes of the time, Achilles, Hector, and even mythical creatures like the Minotaur. If you’re a Total War fan hopefully this is exciting to you, and as a history fan myself I always love seeing settings like this.

John Wick Hex releasing on October 8th

John Wick Hex has finally gotten a release date, October 8th, two weeks! If you aren’t up to speed, yes this is a John Wick game, and it’s more strategy focused than you’d probably expect. It tries to find the balance of fast paced action and strategy, and many people have said that they accomplished that. It’s made by some great developers, and it’ll be relatively cheap as well, so keep your eye on that.

Six free Batman games over on the Epic Games Store. What!

Head over to the Epic Games Store and you can pick up SIX free Batman games. That’s the Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight, as well as the three LEGO Batman games. This is by far the best giveaway they’ve ever had, each of those games are worth playing, so make sure you go pick it up. Tomorrow it is Batman Day, so even better of a reason to play them.

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