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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, it is Monday July 29th, 2019, and here’s your weekend gaming news. for links and a transcript.

After a week of competition in the Fortnite World Cup, it has now concluded, and the winners have been crowned. In the finals, all players were competing for a share of the $30 million prize pool, with the top prize of both solos and duos getting $3 million. Each finalist was also guaranteed $50,000. In duos, the team of Nyhrox and Aqua came out with the top prize, and in solos, 16-year old Bugha took home the $3 mil. Bugha nearly doubled the second place point total, so there was a lot of attention on him towards the end of the tournament. It’s crazy how many kids were involved with this one, and even just seeing clips of the show will make your head spin with how fast they move. Awesome stuff there, and I’m looking forward to the next one.

Nintendo will be replacing the voice of the male protagonist in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, following sexual assault allegations. His name is Chris Niosi, and he voiced the character of Byleth. He made a public apology, and following that was Nintendo’s decision to recast. So if the voice suddenly changes through your playthrough, that would be why.

A few days ago I reported that you needed a Bethesda account in order to play the original Doom games on the Nintendo Switch, which had a surprise release. Well, it looks like Bethesda turned around on that, and the requirement has become optional. I guess they had some integrations with other services that they wanted put in, but have now backtracked when people complained. Good on them for making the change, at least.

Speaking of Doom, they just held a really cool presentation at QuakeCon talking about the new multiplayer gamemode in Doom Eternal. It’s asymmetrical, with the Slayer fighting two player controlled demons in a best-of-five. There are six maps, five demons with unique skills, and lots of progression through each game. If you haven’t yet considered playing it, I’d definitely take a look at this, as it seems very unique and a lot of fun.

Also on a QuakeCon note, they went over some of the changes coming up to Fallout 76. Four-player raids are coming soon, which are apparently good for farming legendary items. The story is going to be rewritten, and the map repopulated, so that NPCs actually roam the land. That means dialogue trees, which are apparently more like Fallout 3 than 4. There’s a lot more there, but that’s the basics.

That’s all for today. I’d like to give big thanks to Lars, Kristine, Evan, and an anonymous user, all for leaving me 5-star reviews on Amazon. My name is Adrian Simple, I’ll be back tomorrow with the news, and until then, Happy Gaming everyone!

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