FIFA 20 tops the charts, Witcher 3 on Switch, Wargroove



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from, for Tuesday October 15th. I’ve only got 3 quick stories for you today, there wasn’t a lot of news. Let’s check it out.

UK Physical charts for the week ending October 14th

In the UK physical charts for the week ending October 14th, FIFA 20 takes the #1 spot for the third week in a row. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint also kept its #2 spot from last week. In terms of debuts, we’ve got Grid in at #5, Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair in at #31, and Concrete Genie at #35. Of course we are building up to the major releases for Q4, including Modern Warfare next week, so we already know that will be taking the #1 spot soon.

The Witcher 3 launches on the Switch – performs well

The Witcher 3 launches on the Nintendo Switch today, believe it or not. You would think that fitting that ginormous game onto a portable device would be impossible, but it appears as though CD Projekt has managed. All the reviews coming out are saying that it obviously takes a very big visual hit, especially when docked, but that it performs smoothly. Very few dips in framerate, and of course all of the content has remained as well. Technical analystis Digital Foundry had this to say, “I should stress that the handheld experience is very special overall. In fact, it’s a stunning technical showcase for the Switch and a credit to the developers at Saber Interactive and CD Projekt RED.” So there you have it, if you wanted to play the game on your Switch, it’s safe to do so. It just won’t be the immersive experience you’re used to on other platforms.

Wargroove adding new free co-op campaign

The hit indie strategy game Wargroove is going to be giving away a free DLC called Double Trouble. It provides a new co-op story campaign, which can be played solo, with a bunch of new content and balance changes alongside it. If you want to pick it up for the first time, the physical Deluxe Edition will be heading to PS4 and the Switch on October 29th.

Like I said, today was slow. I will be back tomorrow with the news as usual and until then…Happy Gaming everyone!