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Why isn’t the show playing on Alexa?

If I don’t plan on creating a full show for the daily update, I ALWAYS create a fresh episode explaining that — rather than just letting the previous episode repeat.

If you don’t hear anything from TGO through your Alexa Flash Briefing, or a repeat episode, then I have either messed up the uploading process, or Amazon is having problems. It is more likely to be the latter, as Amazon has not dedicated a lot of resources to the Flash Briefing feature.

Please do reach out to Adrian if you have any issues!

How do I listen to the TGO After-Show?

On Amazon Alexa

Once you have The Gaming Observer enabled as a “Flash Briefing,” the TGO After-Show is added as an optional selection. It is not enabled by default, but it should automatically appear in your Flash Briefing settings. It should look something like this:

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On Google Home

The TGO After-Show is not currently available on Google Home as part of the news briefings. While I would love to include it, most people use the feature in their automatic routines, and I don’t want to force the show on people. If an optional enablement ever becomes available like on Alexa, I will be sure to include it.

Alternatively, you can listen to TGO as a podcast on Google Home devices (via Spotify or Google Podcasts), which includes the TGO After-Show.

Everywhere Else

The TGO-After Show is automatically included as a follow-up to the daily news show in most other places. If listening as a podcast (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.) or on YouTube, you won’t have to do any additional work to listen to the show.

Why isn’t there video on the Alexa Flash Briefing?

If you have an Echo Show, then you may have noticed that some of the Flash Briefings you have enabled have video as well. Unfortunately, this is a feature that was only provided to the major corporations, and cannot be used by independent creators.

Since the majority of my audience listens on Alexa, it’s hard to justify the time cost of creating bespoke video content on platforms like Google Home and YouTube. The instant that I can get my hands on creating video, that process will begin. Promise.

How can I support the show?

Stay tuned!