Fallout 1st, Crusader Kings III, WWE 2K20, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from thegamingobserver.com, for Thursday, October 24th. Today’s show will be a fun one, let’s get into it.

Bethesda is now selling a subscription service for Fallout 76 called Fallout 1st. It will cost $13/month, or $100/year. With this subscription, they offering a feature that has been requested since before the game even launched: which is private servers. That’s right, if you now want to have a private lobby with your friends, you’re going to have to fork over 13 bucks a month. Yikes. There are some additonal goodies that are looped in, including some in-game currency that will let you purchase some of the microtranscations. Keep in mind here that this is still a full-priced game, it’s not free to play. The timing of this is also incredibly poor, having just announced last week that a major update that added human NPCs was delayed until 2020. I don’t know what is going on over there, but this just seems so egregious to me. $13 just to have a private lobby? That’s insane. The game is still broken and lacking in so many ways… they have no interest in earning your trust. They just want your money.

We’ve got some more information on the newly revealed Crusader Kings III, thanks to Chris Tapsell from Eurogamer. It looks like the big focus this time around is going to be on usability and the UI. Of course the series is famous for how impenetrabile it is to new players, many are put off at just how much is going on. If you look at the screenshots its basically all tidied up, easier to understand, and apparently there will be way more tool-tips guiding you along. That being said, its going to have even more depth in the gameplay, so it will keep existing players happy. There’s also going to be a newfound focus on the character you control. They’re gonna have a lot more personality, and their decision will have more impact on the game. I’m really excited for this one, and if you want to jump in early, Crusader Kings II just went free-to-keep forever, so go give it a look.

WWE 2K20 has been going viral all over Reddit and Twitter these few days, as it had an absolutely disastorous launch. There are absolutely hilarious bugs and glitches, but it’s also lacking some key features for the dedicated audience. Not to mention some graphics which quite literally look like they belong on the Playstation 2. I’m not kidding there are side-by-sides out there that are frankly embarrasing for that studio. Speaking of, this is the first time since 2K acquired the IP that it was developed by Visual Concepts, who usually do the NBA games, as opposed to Yuke’s. As a lifelong wrestling fan, and wrestling game player, it’s super dissappointing to see this all go downhill. Yearly releases are terrible for the gaming industry, and this is exactly why. Unfortunately, people continue to spend money on it, so ultimately there is nothing we can do. Instead, we have to look towards games like Fire Pro, or perhaps even the rumoured AEW game.

Two Point Hospital was originally slated for a console release later this year, but they’ve had to push it to the first half of 2020. They underestimated the amount of work it took to port it to the three different consoles, so if you were waiting for that you’ll have to wait a bit unfortunately. That being said, I’ve heard pretty good things about it, so it will likely be worth the wait.

That’s the news for today. Folks I will be back tomorrow, as I am every day, and until then…Happy Gaming everyone.