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ESA leak over 2000 games media personal contact information, including home addresses

A spreadsheet containing the personal information of over 2000 journalists and other games media has recently become released to the public. And of all people, it was because of the organizers of E3, the Entertain Software Association. This spreadsheet contained phone numbers, home addresses, and emails, which were sourced from the people who attended E3 this year. Believe or not, the reason why it became public is actually quite simple, the ESA posted it on their website under the “Helpful Links” section. Of course it’s since been taken down, but how it could have possibly been posted there in the first place, without any kind of data security or even password protection is beyond me. This has made it so that thousands of journalists are at risk from the people on the internet who have no self control. From the people who have literally threatened them with their lives. I mean, there are already a few people who have come out saying that they’ve received creepy texts of their own front door. Nonetheless, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen, and certainly will be a huge hit on their business for E3. I’ve personally dreamed of attending the event my entire life, and now I’m not sure I could ever trust them with my information again. Thus far, the ESA has barely responded, even to the people who were affected.

Evo 2019, and how Goichi Kishida beat his greatest rival

A really awesome story just came out of EVO 2019, the fighting game tournament. Here’s the deal. There’s a player and is named Goichi Kishida, he’s a Dragonball Z player. Last year, at Evo 2018, Goichi was knocked into the losers bracket by a man named SonicFox. Well, he ended up fighting his way to the end of the bracket and getting into the finals against the very same man. He lost again, becoming the runner up to the tournament, with SonicFox taking the win. Well this year, the two men met in the finals again. Except this time, Goichi took home the win. As soon as he did, he broke down crying, and the audience was going crazy for him, chanting his name. SonicFox raised his hand in victory, and of course I sincerely hope we see them in the finals again next year. Check out the clip if you get a chance, it’s a really great story.

Roblox hits 100 million monthly players, overtaking Minecraft

Back in March, Microsoft said that Minecraft had 91 million monthly players. Well, it looks like they’ve been overtaken, and by who else but Roblox. They just announced 100 million monthly active users, which has obviously grown signicifcantly since its launch in 2006. This one completely blew me away, I had no idea that game was so popular to that degree.

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