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EA Q1 financials

Electronic Arts had their Q1 results. Revenue is slightly up, but net bookings are down by 22% year over year. This is mainly because Q1 was pretty quiet this year, no major releases, whereas last year they released A Way Out and held a FIFA World Cup event. Looking at digital sales, they’re up 7%, which means that 47% of its total unit sales are now digital. So we’re looking at 50/50 split on physical versus digital, which is actually still quite surprising to me. Mobile is down 17%. In the highlights for the quarter, they pointed out that The Sims 4 is doing surprisingly well with its expansions, and Apex Legends is beeing between 8 to 10 million players a week. Looking forward, Q2 will release FIFA 20, NFL 20, and Sea of Solitude. Then in Q3 we’ve got NBA 20, a new Need For Speed, a new Plants vs Zombies, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. They’re definitely going to have a great few quarters there, so we’ll see how it goes. Currently nothing is set for Q4.

Automaton Games enters administrations, cancels Mavericks

Automaton Games has entered adminstration. This means that they are essentially out of money and are trying to save the company with the governments help. That being said, they’ve ceased operations on the game they were working on called Mavericks: Proving Grounds, which was a 1000 player battle royale. Their existing game, Deceit, is in the process of being licensed, but there will be no change to the players. No news of job losses, but hopefully they’ll be able to keep everyone around while they try and recoup.

Pokemon GO hits 1 billion downloads

Pokemon GO has officially been downloaded 1 billion times since its launch in 2016. There’s not much else to say there, it’s just kinda mind boggling the reach that it has had. Maybe one of these days it’ll the thing that helps get me out of the house.

Insane Humble Bundle deal for Crusader Kings II

Normally I don’t highlight game sales on my show but I think this one is important for you to know. For PC players, Crusader Kings II has its own Humble Bundle right now, which includes the base game and all of the major DLC. The lowest tier is $1 and gets you the base game and a few DLC which by itself is insane value. But if you go up to the $15 tier you get an unbelievable amount of content that is usually valued for literally hundreds of dollars. If you’re unfamiliar, Paradox supports their games for years and sustains them through DLC releases, which is why there are so many. Seriously if you have any interest in grand strategy whatsoever, this is the game for you. It has quite the learning curve, but once you get it, you’re sucked in forever. Big shoutout to Paradox for doing this.

That’s the news for today. I’d like to give a big thank you to Jon and Mark for their 5-star reviews on Amazon, I greatly appreciate that. My name is Adrian Simple, I’ll be back tomorrow with the news, and until then, Happy Gaming everyone!

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