Ducktales’ last hurrah, Skyblivion, Telling Lies, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, for Saturday August 17th. for links, @gaming_observer on Twitter.

Ducktales: Remastered shoots up charts 1000+ places

Ducktales: Remastered was pulled from digital stores a while back, and before it did, Capcom gave it a 75% discount so that people could buy it before it left. Well, that ended up being an extremely popular decision, because it skyrocked up the EMEAA charts. This is a combined physical and digital sales tracking, where the week ending August 11 had Ducktales in the #3 spot. The week before that, it was #1191. It still fell short to GTA V and Crash Team Racing, but otherwise, what a last hurrah for that game. The only other notable thing about the charts was the new entry of Age of Wonders: Planetfall, which debuted at #7.

Tetris 99 crossover with Fire Emblem: Three Houses. A Hat In Time porting to Switch October 18th

We’ve got two Switch notes here. The first, is that the free to play Tetris 99 is getting a crossover event with Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Play the game and rack up points between the 23rd to 27th of August, and it will reward you with a theme, much like they’ve done previously with Splatoon 2. On top of that, A Hat In Time will be ported to the console on October 18th, sold digitally seperate to the DLC, and physically with DLC included.

“Skyblivion” on its way, end in sight

Hey if you haven’t heard of it, there is a new mod coming up called Skyblivion, which is remaking Oblivian in the Skyrim engine. This started all the way back in 2012, and it looks like the end is in sight for that team, though there’s no release date just yet. Their team has over 50 volunteers, and they are still accepting more. When it releases, the mod will be free, but will require that you own both games. So for you Elder Scrolls fanatics, keep your eye on this one.

Telling Lies releases next week – sequel to Her Story

The follow up to Her Story is called Telling Lies, and it releases August 23rd. This is an FMV thriller where you spend the whole game navigating a laptop filled with videos. You have to piece together the narrative as you watch the various clips, Her Story did the same thing, and it was one of the most unique gaming experience I’ve ever had. Also it was extremely well written. Anyway Telling Lies releases in one week, and you should absolutely give it a shot.

Mutant Year Zero and Hyper Light Drifter free on Epic Games Store

It’s another week, which means more free games on the Epic Games Store. Head over there now and pick up Mutant Year Zero and Hyper Light Drifter for 100% free. Both are critically acclaimed games that are sure to give you some kind of value.

These past few days have been sparser than usual, but I’m enjoying the variety of stories. Nonethless, my name is Adrian Simple, I’ll be back tomorrow with the Sunday special, and until then… Happy Gaming everyone!

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