“Don’t Do Homework on Fun” | Listener Interaction Day

Listener Interaction Day

TGO After-Show


How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from thegamingobserver.com and welcome back to listener interaction day for Saturday, February 29th, happy leap day by the way. Today’s question was what was a game that you weren’t able to finish, and originally I was going to cancel that question, and I’ll explain why in the after show, but I got some really interesting responses here, so let’s see what you said.

Ok the first one here comes from Anna who says they institute a 5 hour rule. So they play a game for 5 hours, and if something isn’t clicking, they stop playing, “As crazy as it sounds, I too had to learn how to be OK with NOT playing a game.” And yes, this idea that you need to accept the fact that you dislike something and don’t want to play it anymore is actually really difficult to do, we talked all about that last week. Some of the games that have failed Anna’s 5 hour rule is Twilight Princess and Pokemon Let’s Go. So hey, if you’re listening to this, maybe you should consider the 5-hour rule here. I think it’s a neat idea, I’ll probably start doing it myself.

This one comes from Samantha, who shared a really funny story with me. So they are like me where I really don’t like a lot of difficulty in my games. They said the first thing they usually do is just set it to the easiest difficulty, which I definitely empathize with. Anyway so they are a huge Pokemon fan, and when Pokemon Sun and Moon came out, they preordered both games, but what followed was pretty funny, so here’s what they said “What I didn’t know when I preordered was that they changed the gym system so it wasn’t like any other game. I got SO frustrated with this new feature in Sun, I couldn’t figure it out. Which angered me even more because ITS A KIDS GAME. I don’t remember exactly what it was I was stuck on, somewhere in the grass area, but I put it down. And have never gone back to it. Never even started up Moon because its the same thing, so why mess with it.” I just thought this was so funny because I can totally imagine myself doing something similar. Saving up for a game that you’re really looking forward to, so you spend extra, just to find out that it’s not clicking with you. Anyway, thanks for sharing that with me, I thought it was great.

Ok another one here from Alex, who is always sending me these really awesome emails, thank you for that, anyway they’re also imparting some wisdom on us courtesy of Guillermo Del Toro who said something along the lines of how he doesn’t do homework on fun. So no matter how popular something is, if you’re not having fun, don’t make it homework, which again I think is something we like to do if we have an unfinished game in our backlog. We see it as something that needs to get done. Alex also mentions here the blessing of Youtube, and the fact that you can find a Let’s Play of basically any game, which I totally agree with. If I’ve ever had a game that didn’t stick with me, but I wanted to see the rest, I typically try and find a Youtuber who will fill the gap for me.

Alright and the last email here, came in at the last minute from Campo, who said something interesting here. Their game was Assassins Creed 3, and unfortunately things just did not work out, despite their best efforts. The first time they played, they got through about 1 chapter of the game and put it down. Then on the second attempt, they got to the same point and then lost their save data. Then on the third time, the save got corrupted. And you know when things like that happen, I totally get not wanting to play the first few hours of a game for the fourth time. Sometimes it’s just not meant to be, you know?

Folks, thank you very much for submitting your answers, I very much appreciate it. I’ll be back tomorrow for the Sunday Variety Show, so until then, Happy Gaming everyone.