Dicey Dungeons, KSP2, Hades to Steam, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, for Friday August 23rd, 2019. thegamingobserver.com for links and a transcript. There wasn’t a whole lot of major news today so this will be a bit of an anecdotal episode, let’s get into it.

Dicey Dungeons is amazing and you should play it

The first thing I want to say is if you are a fan of roguelikes, especially games like Slay The Spire, you need to take a look at the game Dicey Dungeons. To be honest it sounds and looks a little juvenile, but it is an insanely well designed game. It comes from creator Terry Cavanagh, who is perhapos most well known for Super Hexagon and VVVVVV. Instead of cards you’ve got dice, except every characters is incredibly unique, and there’s so many ways to play the game. It’s been my obsession the last few days, check it out.

Kerbal Space Program 2 introduces colonies

Kerbal Space Program 2 was announced, and its being developed by a new studio. It looks like they’re tackling some new systems that I imagine people are going to be interested in. The biggest one is perhaps the ability to create colonies on new planets. They’re established by transported materials to the new planet, and eventually building it to the point that its self sustainable. Alongside this is population control, and how kerbals will expand their species. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the new game can bring, even if I struggled to get in with the first one.

Hades heads to Steam in December

Supergiant Games have announced that Hades will no longer be an Epic exclusive, as it is heading to Steam Early Access on December 10th. I believe this makes it the first game to branch from Epic, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out. Nonetheless, they’ve also got some pretty big deals on their other games right now, so if you’ve been meaning to play any of them you can take a look.

Diversity in Marvel’s Spiderman

There was this really awesome talk by Jason Hickey, who was the lead environment artist on Marvel’s Spiderman. He said that something he felt was really important about his work on the game was how he fasciliated representation and diversity. For example, Pride. New York City is a super important place for LGBTQ+ rights, it’s where the Stonewall riots happened afterall, So he put in a mural of the Pride, and placed it in their version of the Chelsea neighbourhood. There were other things too, for example a statue of Emmeline Pankhurst, a figurehead of the British suffragette movement. I think this is something that is super awesome to see, and obviously the communtiy was all over this for a time, so I hope it can continue.

Ok that’s all for today. I would like to thank you very much for tuning, and I’d also like to thank an anonymous user for their 5-star review on Amazon, I appreciate that. I’ll be back tomorrow with the news, but if you aren’t around then I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Until then, and I mean this sincerely, Happy Gaming everyone!