Destiny 2 goes free to play, Playstation Now price cut, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from, for Wednesday October 2nd. We’ve got lots to get into here today, so let’s jump right in.

Destiny 2 goes free to play, launches “Shadowkeep” expansion

Destiny 2 just implemented a swath of changes into the game. This is a huge day for Bungie, as it is the first major move they’ve made since seperating from Activision last January. On that note, the game is now available on Steam instead of the client. If you’ve already started on you can transfer your whole account over, and you can even import accounts from console. The base game, which is called the “New Light Edition” has also become free to play, alongside the first two expansions. Now, if you finish up with all that content you can then purchase other expansions like “Forsaken”, and the now released “Shadowkeep.” Shadowkeep takes place on the Moon, and I’ve heard good things so far, though it’s only be a day. Alongside those changes are some quality life improvements, some weapon rebalancing, and a new armour system. I’ve played a bit of Destiny 2 back when it was a premium game, and if you’re a fan of shooters I highly reccomend checking it out. At the very least for the free parts to figure out whether or not the game is for you.

PlayStation Now gets a price cut to $10/month USD

The Sony version of game streaming is called Playstation Now, and they just had a significant price cut. What was formerly $20 American/month for a catalogue of over 800 Playstation games has become $10/month. Other regions have a lesser price cut though. Not only that, but people who subscribe to the service will now be privy to what they are calling “marquee games”. Essentially for three months at a time, players will have access to some of the biggest games in the industry. Right now, you can stream God of War, GTA V, inFamous Second Son, and Uncharted 4 until January 2020.

More details on what happens after Rocket League loses loot boxes

Psyonix has revealed more information about their plans to do away with loot boxes in Rocket League this December. The new system will have what are Blueprints, and a cash store, both of which will interact with a new premium currency called Credits. Blueprints will randomly drop at the end of various matches, which can be turned into an item by spending Credits. You will be able to see exactly what item the Blueprint will provide. Of course the cash store will be a 1-to-1 purchase as well, except anything you buy in that way will not be tradeable. The Rocket Pass must now also be purchased with Credits. This is a great move in my opinion, and obviously something that is indicative of them being acquired by Epic.

Ubisoft announces new free educational game

Ubisoft has just announced a new free educational game that will teach players how to code. They are using the Rabbids IP to get this done, and it’s planned for launch in just one week on the 8th. Apparently it takes the form of a puzzle game, where you want to solve each one in the simplest way possible. It’s targeting for children of reading age and up, and Ubisoft is hoping that it will be used in classrooms. Adults are also though. This is great stuff, I love seeing video games used as an educational tool.

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